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  • Abdulaziz Alsubaie

    thank you very much for this great effort.

  • Khalid Al-Mutawa

    Thanks for the great post.

    Broken link in article:

  • Almatri

    This is really helpfull.

    Thanks for paying attention to RTL languages.
    We always had issues with supporting RTL languages in our apps .

    Thanks very much.

  • Mohammad

    Thanks guys and thanks @amitmoryossef:disqus for your work!

  • Bernardo Gomes

    Great feature !!
    Ionic for all !

  • aboalwi

    A dream comes true! Expect the unexpected! 😀

  • Anand Moorthy

    Very much helpful .. I am curious to know whether RTL support is available in ionic v1 ? Can someone pls confirm ?

    • Amit Moryossef

      I am pretty sure there is no good RTL support in v1, there couldn’t be.

  • Leonardo

    After upgrade my ionic version i get the follow error:

    sass: node_modules/ionic-angular/fonts/ionicons.scss, line: 36
    no mixin named rtl Backtrace: node_modules/ionic-angular/fonts/ionicons.scss:36

    What I should do? Almost 2 days in this error

  • ahmed nabil

    what is the state of RTL in ionic v4