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  • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

    Ok – this is cool – but I’m kinda surprised the CLI *still* defaults to version 1? When will the CLI default to the most current version?

    • Brandy Carney

      Version 3 of the CLI will default to version 2. It’s currently under the beta tag if you’d like to try it out. 🙂

      • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

        So how does one make a v3 app now (not at my comouter). Did you add a –v3 flag? Also, I’d update the post (since folks don’t read the comments) explaining how to use v3 from the command line.

        • Brandy Carney

          Sorry I just realized how confusing my comment was and updated it. Using version 2.x of the CLI still requires the `–v2` flag to create an app using the latest version of the framework (3.0.1 currently). If you are using the beta (3.0.0-beta.5 is latest) version of the CLI it does not require any flag and will generate an app using the latest version of the framework (3.0.1). We’ve added a note to the blog under “What’s New.” Please let me know if that is confusing. 🙂

          • Santiago Petrone

            So to create a new app using latest v2 framework (2.2.0 or 2.3.0 I think) is no longer possible? It’s either 1.*.* or 3.0.0 now?

          • Steen Kruse

            Yep, that is correct.

  • TheUnreal

    Thank you for your great release! I feel the heat in each Ionic version and the progress is quick and significant; Although I still couldn’t figure out how to give each page his own path. I followed this blog post and added the following code to my page:
    name: ‘Card Info’,
    segment: ‘card-info’
    and the url stays the same when navigating to this page.
    I have only one root module in my app, the default AppModule.

  • Lukas

    How soon can we expect to see the split-pane work with deep linking?

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! We are hard at work on this as we speak. It may not make it into the next release as we are fixing some important UX issues at the moment, but expect it soon.

  • Loco Van Coco

    Nice, great job guys <3

  • Santiago Petrone

    Angular team announced they’d release a major version every 6 months, approximately
    How the release cycle for Ionic would look like from now on?

    • Justin Willis

      Hello, great question! So at the moment we do not have a hard, set in stone release schedule, but we aim to do a release every 2 weeks. Because of how we handle versioning at the moment, we cant say exactly how often a release is going to be a major release, but definitely dont expect a major release every 2 weeks haha.

  • Josh Garwood

    Congrats on the new version guys! Definitely excited to see continued momentum like this. I would ask one thing… Can we get a better idea of where we stand on some (what many consider to be major) UX breaking bugs on mobile? Seeing this line: *Our main focus will continue to be on improving application start-up speed and performance* is a little concerning given the number of fairly major bugs that have been waiting for fixes. It would be awesome if fixing these could be the main focus until they’re definitively resolved.

    A few examples would be:

    * (this is an issue in a service that people are paying for, and it’s been out there for a while 🙂 )




    These are of course just a few that stand out to me personally, but they have an impact on may users as you can see in these comment threads. I know you mention in the blog above that you’re tending to bugs in components and nav, but it would be super awesome if fixing those could become the immediate priority because some of them prevent people from releasing their app 🙂

    Again, not to take away from all the awesome work you’re doing! It just feels a little like some of the priorities here are misaligned.

    • GazInTheMush

      Totally agree with Josh. The work you guys are doing is great especially to get Ionic works on Browser as PWA (or just as web app) but still on the Cordova/Mobile those bugs as well as few others (Virtual Scroll related issues for instance) are somewhat jeopardizing the user experience of ours apps.
      Sure that things will get fixed I really like the Semver approach!

    • Justin Willis

      Hello, love this comment! So with our next release that we are working on at the moment we have taken a slight pause on the march to smaller bundles and are focusing on fixing some important UX issues such as the ones you linked to above, along with virtualscroll and other scrolling related issues. Small bundle size and boot up time is still definitely very high on our list, and we have one team member that is working on that full time at the moment, but we do plan on knocking out some of these bigger UX issues in the next release.

      • Josh Garwood

        Thanks so much, Justin! That’s really really great to hear 🙂 /eagerlyAwaitingTheNextRelease

  • Dmitry

    Congrats with the release!
    Are supported platform versions the same as for Ionic 2 – iOS 8+ and Android 4.4+?

    • Justin Willis

      Good question! Yep, the supported platform versions are the same. Remember though, for 4.4.2 and back we do recommend using Crosswalk for the best experience.

      • Dmitry

        Great news! Thank you for the answer

    • Antonio Gallo

      if you need to support 4.x world best to stuck on ionic 1

  • Eric Swanson

    Will Ionic support web browser-based deployments in their roadmap (i.e. not native)? I read the new Ionic Native plugins and browser usage guidelines. Support for Internet Explorer would need to be improved.

    • Umar Draz

      Yes, right now, only this is stopping us to develop ionic applications for web, because of poor compatibility with IE

  • danieldrope

    It’s not why Angular is messing up the versioning that you have to do it too

    • Antonio Gallo

      at least call it ionic 4 😛

  • Ashish Jain

    Excellent. It’d gonna be a game changer..!!

  • Eric Gopak

    Congratulations! This update has come really quickly! How about the future version, Ionic 4.0? Do you intend to sync Ionic and Angular versions? So that Ionic 4 is fully up-to-speed with Angular 4?

    P.S.: Thanks for the corgi photo – love them!

  • Joshua Furman

    Awesome news!

  • Jean-Mouloud

    Best April Fool!

  • Onkar Lal Janwa

    Great work, keep rocking !!!

  • Young Park

    Wow. Very surprised on the performance. 2x faster than 2.3.0 version.

  • Nagaraj

    can i use ionic to develop the browser application/ Web application ??

  • Ola Shoroye

    I appreciate the great work you guys are doing, however from my standpoint as a developer who works with clients, incrementing versions so frequently even though you want to follow Semver is hard to track and gives the impression that the code isn’t good enough so needs frequent updates, I know Angular is releasing a major version every 6 months (next one in September) so are we going to have Ionic 4 then again, Angular2 lost a lot of clients who pay developers like me and many others to Reactjs, now with frequent updates more clients will choose a more stable Reactjs and you guys will lose potential developers. Keep it stable guys even though Angular isn’t and your base will be secure.

  • John Morocco

    Good news! Congrats 🙂

  • Nehul Agrawal

    When you are fixing the ionic boot load time….still it takes a lot of time, more then Ionic 1/….

  • Fradique Lee

    I’m having some problems to use ng2-translate using the new deep links. It throws me an error that the pipe translate is not found.
    So I included all the configurations in the page module, but that would imply a huge change and configure every exsiting and new page, which seems messy.
    Can some one point me in the right direction?
    btw Congratulations, nice changes.

  • Sheyie Bowhalle

    Significant improvement in performance! Big Thanks to the ionic theme.

  • Danillo Leão Lopes

    Thanks Brandy, you are welcome!

  • Cristian Vidimari

    Hello, Congratulations for this new version.
    I have question for you. I have just installed ionic through the usual CLI command “sudo npm install -g cordova ionic”, but when I looked for the ionic version in the terminal window I found the version 2.2.3.
    How can I get the new 3.0.1 version?

  • meltuhamy

    Any examples of how to use @IonicPage, specifically with tabs?

  • Yosam Lee

    I did build an app with ionic 2 and I was frustrated because Lazy loading.
    So I’m looking forward to supported perfect lazy loading.
    I’ll be waiting more. ㅠㅜ

  • Neil Estandarte

    Awesome news, can we have another blog post as this is already out of date with versioning –v2, v1 flags?

  • Abu ShaRaf

    Lazy Loading is a great addition 🙂

  • neohunter

    I don’t understand, I started to play with ionic yesterday may 6 – 2017, I did the normal install process suggested on ionicframework website, and the version i’ve installed is 2.23. Why it didint installed 3?

  • chris

    how to use custumiz icon in ionic 3

  • Hadar Dayan

    the installation dosen’t work for me ever since the update
    when I type npm install -g ionic the installation finish successfully but then when i write ionic info or any other ionic command I get this error :
    at FatalException.Exception (C:[email protected]ilsdistliberrors.js:8:23)
    at FatalException (C:[email protected]ilsdistliberrors.js:17:9)
    at Config. (C:[email protected]ilsdistlibconfig.js:41:31)
    at throw (native)
    at rejected (C:[email protected]ilsdistlibconfig.js:5:65) name: ‘Exception’, exitCode: 1, fatal: true }

    when I uninstall this version then install version 2.1.0 everything work again .. how do I download the new version ?

  • Tahniat Ashraf Priyam

    I cannot get Ionic CLI 3.1.2 working behind a proxy. Can anybody provide some guidelines?
    StackOverflow question :

  • Rajat Sinha

    Awesome guys. When can we expect the Creator 1 features to be on Creator 3 as well?

  • Sankar Sanaka

    Wonderful news !!! I will update my App Now.

  • Programming Liftoff

    Awesome! Glad to see you guys and gals putting in the effort to make sure Ionic remains one of the best ways to create a hybrid application. Looking forward to more great updates and additions!

  • Raju Kumar Sharma

    Congrats on the new version guys ! I have started working on ionic last week and found this is amazing

  • CIH Developers

    How to make charts work on emulator in ionic 3?

  • Debonil Ghosh

    Hi @Brandy,
    Does Ionic 3 support collection-repeat ?

  • Rajdeep Chandra

    is there any way we can clear ionic cache on logout in ionic 3?

  • raj

    i am having issue
    while doing registration through app, on first attempt it wont go to service and failed .
    but on next time it works fine
    this happens on every time when enters into app

  • Andreas Dormann

    Ionic 3 is awesome… this framework inspired me to write a book about it (in German). It’s finished now, see:
    Hope, you’ll enjoy it!

  • Rabi Darh

    How can I change the order of years in ion-datetime picker? Currently it is showing in decreasing order.


  • anil

    I have a Question that how to integrate Angular4Material in Ionic3.
    I am looking to use AngularMaterial
    AngularMaterial in Ionic3 Project.

    I know that Ionic3 Already comes with Material Design but few components were not good in Ionic3 especially Select Menu, Autocomplete etc…
    So i want to use MaterialSelect Menu


    from AngularMaterial?

    I tried to integrate this in my project. But not working.
    Previously in Angular1Material and Ionic1 combo its working.

    But in Ionic3 How to Achieve This?

    Please help me on this.

    If its worked means we can give awesome designs using AngularMaterial compare to ionc material.

    Thank you.

  • sandhya

    Yes present ionic 3 is used for app by using Angular.Later on ionic 4 also ready to launch.
    So present anybody wants to learn the ionic 3 with low cost then once check the ionic training

  • Amar Nath

    when is ionic 4 releasing?

  • srikanth

    Is there a possibility to change the auto start setting in android v6 using our ionic 3 app ? My app doesn’t start on mobile boot even if auto start is enabled using ionic 3 native auto start plugin

  • srikanth

    and my second issue is to run my app in the background even if the app is terminated completely .. is that possible ?

  • srikanth

    I want to track user coordinates in the background but when the app is terminated completely it doesnt restart in the background. Is there any option to keep the app always running in background even when the mobile is restarted or the app is completely termintaed and auto start setting in mobile is disabled ??

  • Deepak Verma

    where is scrolling component in ionic 3