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  • Stefan Huber

    This really sounds like a great plan! Can’t wait for ionic 4, I hope there will be a clear guideline for unit/functional testing of ionic apps! Unfortunately, currently this is not very much the case…

  • Young Park

    Many React, Vue guys will dive into Ionic!

    • cm

      Unfortunately, you also lose some benefits when using with React or Vue. From my understanding, navigation/routing and transitions are part of the framework (namely Angular).

      However, I’d love to be proven wrong. I kind of hate Angular, but love how carefully designed Ionic’s components are. If I could use ionic more like a CSS framework for React, I’d leave Angular behind in a blink.

      • Sani Yusuf

        This Is Incorrect With Ionic 4.0 It Is Based On Web Components & Is Platform Agnostic.

        • Mike Hartington

          Just to add to this… the navigation portions or maybe even some more framework-specific parts could exist in the final version. Perhaps an Angular/React/Vue specific piece for navigation will exist, but we’ll find out more as we push on. The big picture is that the core pieces that dont really need framework level control (UI bits) can be used all over.

          • cm

            It’d be perfect if Ionic’s WebComponents would bring their animations with them. Not sure how feasible that is or if it requires framework-level glue code, but I have to say: Ionic is simply the best “UI Kit” to mimic native app visuals. Not even some of the React Native UI Kits can compete with how well designed Ionic components are.

          • yesimahuman

            They definitely will! All that logic comes inside of each web component and is separate from the framework. 🚀

      • Young Park

        Why do you hate Angular? I know that job market is super hot with React, not Angular, but I don’t see Angular horrible, but I see it like heavy-weight vs light-weight boxer. Both performs well.

        • cm

          Angular apparently can be used in simple ways like React, where you just have some state that is rendered in dumb components with a single or a few smart components passing state along. But I think it requires far more discipline to keep it clean than if you used React.

          The reason for that is because Angular offers so many things and there is more than one way to solve problems. For example, if you want to render state in your template — let’s say, format a number — you could use pipes or directives, you could compute the formatted number and put it in a string variable, you could call a function that returns the formatted string, or you could wrap it in an Observable and tell the template to load it with the async pipe.

          Ionic itself has a few things where it actually seems to circumvents good Angular practices. For example, Ionic has the concept of pages, which are glued together with a NavController. This NavController uses a thing called NavParams to pass parameters to new pages. I’m sure it’s all very complex under the hood, but essentially, your page doesn’t have @Input decorators like regular Angular dumb components.

          Now, this flexibility isn’t inherently bad, but I believe it’s easier to make a mess out of everything and if you’re fetishizing about super clean code, I wonder if Angular requires a bit too much self-discipline.

  • Sampath Lokuge

    Hi Max,
    Can we have a forum for the Ionic pro support. At this moment it is horrible. We have to wait 48 hours to get a support even for small problem. It is because we don’t have a place to search the issues may be already addressed by the Pro team. All are email base right now. Which is Horrible. We would like to hear about your feedback here?

    Typo: `We rolled out releases of Ionic for Angular (3.x)` . This should be 4.x since no 3.x for Angular.

    • yesimahuman

      Hey, we know Pro support times are too long. We’re hiring more support reps as we speak, one is starting very soon. We’d like to keep support in the ticket system so we can build out a knowledge base with common questions and have it all in one place.

      As for the typo, 3.x refers to Ionic not Angular

  • Valter Matos

    Great article, and, happy for the future. As an Ionic Dev, when building a more complete/complex app, you will end using a lot of Cordova plugins which, in reality are the worse part of developing with Ionic. Hoping that with more people working with Ionic we can ended having a better support for Cordova as well.

  • Tobias Mücksch

    I LOVE, that you guys plan to support the development Cordova. Some plugins are a big pain…

    • Andre Arsenault

      I completely agree. This is the most exciting part of the announcement, for my workflow!

    • napcat

      I also agree with this! Without plugins ours apps are just websites in a wrapper. Please focus on this aspect.

  • dgregd

    Any plans for upgrade to Angular 5? I would love to try the new build optimizer. Angular guys promise increased applications boot speed.

  • Eric

    How does one apply for a position as one of your Cordova evangelists?

  • Remi Sture

    Will you guys upgrade ionic-angular to Angular 5?

  • church567356

    While most of people are search such kind of plan you share the best one in here. I know every one like this and this will be role for us. Thanks for your great job.

  • rogers43215

    While most of people are search such kind of plan you share the best one in here. I know every one like this and this will be role for us. Thanks for your great job.

  • dawesi

    Love to see Ionic with ExtJS, then we’ll have the best combo for Enterprise or complex apps.

    Have you been working with the team @ Sencha?

  • Thomas Kientz

    What about large screens ? Do you plan to expand Ionic to provide a nice UI and UX for them as well ? The grid, and split panel view are a step in this direction, but how far are you planning to go further in this direction ? I’m thinking about transitions, navigations, responsive components, etc..
    PWAs are awesome, but if I understand correctly they are focused on performances and new apis. For me the « web » means large screens. When you said : “Always Bet on the Web”, does it mean that we can also hope to deploy beautiful web apps for desktops/large screens as well in a near future ?

  • Owen Melbourne

    Maybe a stupid question, but for ionic 4 the fact these are called “Web Components” how does that affect platforms such as iOS and Android? Will we be able to still expect cordova integration to access things like contacts, or google maps etc?

  • Juanca diy (johndiy)

    I am stunned with the support for PWA and WEB APPS, right now, we are betting our asses off in a project using full ionic for the client, and a multiplatform support for hybrid cordova apps and also web app. is banking app so I am personally anxious to see the development of this and the new ionic 4

  • Mauro

    Is Ionic Creator dead ?

  • Anakin Hao

    Hi Ionic Team,

    Being a team lead, I got asked very often with “Why not React Native?”.
    For me (I believe same as many other projects) the answer is “Web native” + “Variety of native plugins support” + “Write once run every where.”
    It’s really encouraging to see that you are going to “throw more of our resources behind helping these plugins improve”. I think it’s the key reason why Ionic is chosen over other frameworks.

    Really appreciate your fantastic work.

  • Wils Gomes

    Now it has been more then 6 months and I’m wondering is there any plan to post a new article related to ionic 4 roadmap.
    I see that it is in alpha now, but is there any idea when we might get a beta version?