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  • Nilas Gram

    This is excellent!

  • prashant khodade

    Everytime I wish some feature should have been part of Ionic, within few weeks I see its part of Ionic. Ionic DateTime picker is amazing. Thank you Ionic Team. Can you please provide some more documentation about Picker API too. Documentation for DateTime picker is good but it would help to have some example for using Picker API for non-datetime data also.

  • Ivan Camilo Vásquez

    Android’s datepicker is very different from the ones displayed. It would be awesome to have this design for Android devices using

    • th3m4ri0

      Yup, would be great if Chrome Android would add it to their HTML5 API.

      • Rebar Ahmad

        I built one of that android native Date and Time Picker. But got issues with the gesture event triggers in ionic. Maybe I will publish that soon on github :). The DatePicker can be build with the npm ionic2-Calendar. And the Clock-Picker with divs 🙂 have a look:

    • Ian

      Yes, yes and more yes. It’s mind-boggling how pickers are used for any inputs at all. They’re so tedious. So much time wasted: coarse scroll to get near the desired value plus a few extra up/down scrolls to get to the exact value you want. Using a calendar/clock widget like above functions so much better. Apple has really fallen of the UI/UX wagon

  • Phil Mickelson

    Excellent! Thank you so much.

  • Andrew Clinton

    Great work guys! Can’t wait to start using this!

  • Carman Babin

    Any plans to make this a part of ionic 1? i REALLY hope so…

  • Nate

    I’ll second Ivan’s comment. Looks like a great feature for people that want their apps to look native in iOS. In the end, it is perpetuating a terrible UX which apple is clinging to.

  • guillermogfer

    Will it be available also in Ionic 1.x?

  • Daniel Leeder

    It certainly looks like a slightly skinned version of the default iOS picker, which isn’t very intuitive. There’s no context for picking the date at all. Look at Android’s implementation — it presents a familiar calendar view which lets you know what day of the week you’re picking. In terms of scheduling, knowing that a date is ‘next Friday’ or ‘two weeks from now’ is incredibly useful.

  • Frédéric Camblor

    How about the “time” portion of the “datetime” ?
    I cannot see any description about it in your blog post.
    Will we be able to both select date & time ? and time only ?

    • Dweep Patel

      u can change the format as in HH for 00—23 hh for 00—12 h for 0–12 i guesss

      mm for 00–59 m for 0-59

      A for AM/PM

      *check the link first*

      • Frédéric Camblor

        This link seems better

        Anyway, I asked because we never have any screenshot displaying case where we have “time only” or “date + time” selection UI, which may take some place in the screen. I was just hoping to have a first insight of what the “time” component was looking like (without having to download ionic and try it by myself)

        Thanks though,

  • Dweep Patel

    Hey i tried using the date picker it allows me to select wrong dates such as 31 Feb 2016. It surely takes care of the leap years but it does not refresh when month changes!! as for the first image it does not allow 30 or 29 + den i tried goin to feb and it allowed me “Second image”.

    [email protected]

  • Ab Lopez

    Awesome addition to Ionic, thanks guys. However, you really need to fix
    date validation (to avoid selecting invalid dates like April 31st or Feb
    30th) in the picker, as it’s something absolutely essential that should
    have been included right from this release.

    I think you should
    just auto-update the day slot in the picker when the month slot is
    changed, based on how many days the month selected actually has. Here’s a
    simple dependency-less function I wrote that may contribute to
    implementing it in the next beta:

    function daysInMonth(year, month){
    for(var day=28; day<=32; day++){
    if(new Date(year, (month – 1), day).getMonth() != (month – 1)){
    day –;
    return day;

  • Juan David Nicholls

    Ionic 1.x please! 😀

  • Filipe Esperandio

    This is great, guys. Much appreciated.
    The thing I’m missing, though, is to show week days in the picker – something present on Android’s native… (it is very difficult to select a date when you know something has to happen next Saturday, but you have no idea it is May 28th 😉

  • ionic newb

    For me ion-datetime is not working please help.

  • Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte

    Please, look at android solution fro pick a date

  • PengCheng Zhou

    Besides month-day issues, there is also display issue to display date and time.

    When defining:


    after picking 2016-01-01 01:01 am, it only shows 2016-01-01 01… on iphone even there are still lots of rooms.

  • Gregor Srdic

    Is it possible to set a custom step, like 15 minutes?

  • Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte

    People need to see the day of week when selecting

    • Nicolas Janel

      So true, how to select the “next saturday” or “a meeting on friday” wihout the day of the week…

  • Abhisek Chandra

    Display is not working see this issue and please suggest a fix 🙁

  • mx

    I’m writing a progressive Web App using Ionic 2. How could i allow keyboard input to enter date values?

  • Rabi Darh

    hello every one, i would to use de ionic date picker in chrome example, if u see also in the at example. the days and months display in one direction (from smale numer to biguer>>from up to down) but the years is not in the same range. tried much time to fixed , but i cant resolved. if some one got the same issue. plz can you share the corection or help me to fixe it.

  • Thakur Rahul