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  • paulogr

    Great work!

  • Jorge Vergara

    Wow, moving fast!

  • forextor

    This one still on Angular RC 1? I am glad there is no breaking changes this time around unlike the past two releases… not that I am complaining though…

  • Ítalo Ayres

    Very neat! I’m looking forward to see material-design tabs swiping. It’s a great step towards a more native-feeling in Android.

  • Guilherme Rodrigues

    awesome.. you rock guys

  • Adhemar Soria Galvarro V.

    Excelent ?

  • Juan David Nicholls


  • Stefan

    Have typings been updated to version > 1? As these ambient typings disapear

  • Matt

    Many thanks!

  • Marcus VBP

    Hi, I’m getting an error after upgrade to beta 9:

    uncaught Invalid provider – only instances of Provider and Type are allowed, got: [object Object]

    Maybee it’s related to ionicBootstrap.

    In my case:

    ionicBootstrap(MyApp, [ANGULAR2_GOOGLE_MAPS_PROVIDERS, UserProvider], {});

    • Marcus VBP

      Nevermind, I just figured the issue is related to ANGULAR2_GOOGLE_MAPS_PROVIDERS

      • Emeryao

        it should be
        ionicBootstrap(MyApp, […ANGULAR2_GOOGLE_MAPS_PROVIDERS, UserProvider], {});

  • Tom McLellan

    Awesome! We presented with V2 Beta 8 at the Ionic Vancouver meetup yesterday and we were guessing 9 would be later this month – nice momentum!

  • eefeng


    • 喻小陽


    • Emeryao

      肯定要跟上啊 改了不少bug呢

  • Nick Kenens

    Amazing job!

  • Divi

    you guys rocking..waiting for an stable release…

  • eefeng

    更新以后,ion-card ion-list都不能滚动了. help me!

  • Emeryao

    The Sliding List Items is awesome!

  • Johnny IV Young

    nice job!