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  • imakkie

    Is that translucent effect in the navbar made in css or its a native behaviour?

    Great work guys, cant wait for beta11 with WKWebView 😀

    • Kirill Groshkov


      • imakkie

        ok, uhm, well, how? 😀

        looks gorgeous!

        • Manu Martinez-Almeida

          yeah! it is. We use “backdrop-filter” only supported in Safari currently, and in WKWebview. Very good performance, 60FPS in a iPhone 6 according to our tests!!

          Check out this WIP:

          • imakkie

            wonderful! ill keep an eye on that 😉

        • Brandy Carney

          I added the markup and css for the translucent header to the post! 🙂

  • Zainan Victor Zhou

    Hi, According to
    “Ionic Framework Meeting Notes: 2016-06-22”

    The Angular2 RC3 will include new router

    I just wanna confirm does beta-10 includes Router 3?

    Thank you!

    • yesimahuman

      We’re tracking the status of the new router but it’s not quite production ready yet. We’re working with the Angular team and will get it in once it’s ready.

      • Zainan Victor Zhou

        Thank you @yesimahuman:disqus. So that means the beta-10 did not include Angular2 RC3? What angular2 RC version is it currently on?

        • Adam Bradley

          Beta10 does include Angular2 RC3, however, the router is not in a stable position yet.

        • yesimahuman

          I misunderstood. Yea the router is in there so you *could* use it, but it’s not integrated into Ionic’s lower-level navigation stuff yet. We’re waiting for it to stabilize first.

          • Zainan Victor Zhou

            Thank you!

  • JJohn

    That’s great! Can’t wait for the RC to come. We’re about to release an app.
    Please add in the fact that you moved to Angular RC3. It’s just by reading some comments here that I realized you updated Angular.
    Also is not updated yet, which is why I only found out about it today.

  • React Apps

    Awesome, great work guys! I Just noticed one thing when I create a new app it’s being created in typescript, Is this change intentional if yes can you please help me how do I create a new app in ES6

    • Cesco Ferraro

      try adding a –js flag to your crete command

      • React Apps

        thanks Cesco, I tried it already it didn’t work, still creates ts app

        • danbucholtz

          The team has decided that we are going all in on Typescript. We have seen tremendous productivity improvements from it. Javascript projects will still work – but we won’t formally support them at this time.


          • MichaelR

            I went with TS long ago just to force myself to get used to it.. to be honest, I don’t think I could quantify how many hours… no, DAYS… of bug hunting I’ve saved due to Intellisense alone. I would never go back.

          • React Apps

            thanks Michael, I think I have to give it a go

          • React Apps

            thanks for the clarification Dan!

  • Cesco Ferraro

    this is great for testing the new angular2 forms module! thanks guys

  • Matan Yedayev

    Awesome great job!
    I want to ask, Android will ever have plugin for translucent status bar?…

    • Manu Martinez-Almeida

      It is a CSS rule (backdrop-filter) but it is not supported by Chrome, so we can’t do anything about it 🙁

    • Deepdark

      material design with translucent components wouldn’t be that good

      • Matan Yedayev

        I didnt mean translucent components, only status bar. Its should be native plugin

  • jerome


  • Slash

    Wenn will you re enable the new angular router?

  • 심찬보

    my ion-navbar is always no-border-bottom

  • eefeng

    太酷了~ 真心很强大~加油~

  • Oliver Grack

    Awesome work!

    Will angular2-template-compiler be included in Ionic 2 by default?
    It sounds like this compiler could have large performace increasments.

    • Manu Martinez-Almeida

      yes! but we are still working on it 🙂

      • Oliver Grack

        Nice to hear 😀

  • Pie Cy

    for the reorder push down animation for the first item when you drag another item above you want to move the 2nd item to 1st index

  • eric

    do you support scroll down hide header? similar to scroll sista (which is broken for ionic 1)?

  • John McCann

    Really an awesome news that Ionic 2 Beta 10 got released. The translucent effect will surely make it. The design for different platform which are showed above are really magnificent. At Mobiloitte we are trying to improvise the state of work to make it more accurate and qualitative.The world of technology is changing with it a lot of changes in platforms too. Keep up the Good Work.
    John McCann
    Senior Android Developer | Mobiloitte

  • Tweets Nearby

    When will you make documentation for Ionic 2 push notifications?

  • ghenry22

    regarding the transparent header, with the latest webview updates on a Samsung s7 transparency works on the header. Although it seems to be straight transparency without the blur effect.

    Definitely a need to be able to have iOS with the semi-transparent look and android with a solid color to keep each platform consistent with their native styling.

  • Krishna Karki

    When do you think it will be stable? Is it right time switch version 2?

  • Muhammad Kamran Qadri

    Any expected date for next beta, as want to start new project and need the new forms and router.

  • fkn1088

    Could anyone share the code for the last example with segments and search bar Thanks!

  • Philip Chen

    Just a question. When I use the npm to install the [email protected], it goes to version 37(2.0.0-beta.37). But the version 11 just release few days ago. Do I lost anything? And where can I check the version for ionic2?

    • louis lavin

      Thats the Ionic CLI Version: 2.0.0-beta.37. Its installed. If you want to see the current beta for the framework make sure you are in your project folder and then you can run ionic info from the command line to see what version of Ionic Framework Version you have installed.

      • Philip Chen

        thank you

  • piyush

    hello i am new in ionic2 so can u help for this


    it’s not work for me

  • Rammani Yadav

    Cool bunch of built-in features of Ionic 2 Beta will surely take the hassles out of cross platform app development, provide more flexibility and choices thereby adding quality to deliverables. Though this is my personal opinion being a mobile app developer at Root Info Solutions, I’m confident that this will take the app development community by storm.

    Ram | Mobile App Developer at Root Info Solutions