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  • Alberto

    Very basic but up to date and with a clear introduction to the PWA world and its reasoning.
    For newcomers it’s useful, for anoyone with some experience not so much.
    I’ll share it when needed, thanks for the job done.

  • Francisco Caivano

    Disappointing…, PWA’s have a lot to do with the “open web” movement, and not building on top of private/closed ecosystems.
    But then you go and publish a “downloadable white paper” which, after adding your personal detail’s you can only read using a flipping book solution which doesn’t allow to download in PDF or any other format…

    • Andrew Haire

      Hi Francisco, thanks for the feedback. Sorry you didn’t like the flip book experience. We thought that would be better for readers. You can definitely download the paper though. Just go to full screen view and you’ll see an option to download it at the top. If you don’t see it, let me know and I’ll email it to you directly.

      • Dead Parrot

        I too need the PDF – not only is there no download option in the ‘flip book experience’ (which is HARD TO READ!), but in chrome, NO ‘full screen’ option!

        • Andrew Haire

          Hey, sorry you didn’t like the flip book version. We thought that would be a better experience. But, since you’re not the first to express frustration, we went ahead and killed it. It will now direct you straight to the PDF version, which you can find here:

  • Korte

    its good to know about PWAs through this article. thank you. hope it will help us in many ways, i will download it must. thanks again and hope to see more about it in the downloaded file.

    • Andrew Haire

      Thanks Korte!

  • Marley Silva

    Sincerely, I expected more from this guide.

    • Andrew Haire

      Hey Marley – This is definitely more of an intro guide. While we know that a lot of people have a good understanding of PWAs and what they’re all about, there are still a ton of folks who are just ramping up on the topic. This is more for that category of reader. That said, what kind of info were you looking for? We will keep it in mind as we think about new articles or updates to this guide.

  • Matt J. Sorenson

    “Please enter your business email address. This (HubSpot) form does not accept addresses from”

    Well, ok then. Moving along.

  • Pushpraj Singh Verma

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  • YouStable

    Hello sir your knowledge is great in PWA’s Here i also do write a article on Progressive web apps. please guide me is it good or not.

  • Viktor Dmt