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  • Julien Bouquillon

    Hi guys, thanks for the detailed write-up; Could you please elaborate on which problems you had with FastClick ? I used to deal with ngTouch, but then replaced it with FastClick which solved all the issues. cheers 🙂

    • tHesTx

      Currently I use fastClick with Angular and all clicks are a nightmare, I have to hold my finger for 2 seconds on a link or button to make it work….

  • AayushShrestha

    Hello There.
    This is my first time using ionic. And testing the sample apps still feels too slow to me. Can you guys give me any tips on improving the overall speed of the app?
    BTW, ionic is the best UI framework i’ve come across for hybrid apps. Bravo.

    Hope I’ll get some kind of help soon.

    • taigeair

      Yes, I didn’t use it before 2014 so I can’t compare the speed, but there seems to be a little delay still.

  • Alex Stanbury

    Would you be interested in releasing this solution without the Ionic dependency so those of us using Angular in web apps can utilise it?

  • Jay Mehta

    With IONIC 2 also it gives App-Like feel?

  • Christopher Todesco

    Soo after all that, are you recommending we use ‘(click)’, ‘(ngTouch)’, or ‘(tap)’– which was suggested by another article to remove the 300ms delay in Ionic/Angular2 apps?