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  • Ankush Aggarwal

    as you said, we can disable the plugins line. How would I use sqlite plugin or @ionic/storage? Do I need to include cordova.js for that?

  • João Vitor Paes de Barros

    The trouble with removing cordova.js is that some ionic plugins not work properly without it.
    There are some decision to be made about build a Ionic PWA, to use cordova (browser platform) and the plugins works or just not use cordova and some plugins don’t work.
    Maybe the plugins should work on web regardless of cordova? Or the ionic build system should always use cordova with platform browser?
    From my perspective, the plugins should work regardless of cordova. Even because of cordova principle was to be just a polyfill for the web.

  • Nicolas Durand

    This is great news, and one of the reasons I picked Ionic (to have a single code base).

    However (and sorry if I missed it in your excellent blog post), when I run npm run ionic:build — –prod, it indeed compiles and creates files in the www folder, but when I open www/index.html, it is empty.

    How can I have my nice application (that is all under src/app, src/pages, etc) appear?
    My app is built on the Tutorial app, and specifies
    export const FirstRunPage = ‘HomePage’
    in /src/pages/pages.ts

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mr.Floppy

    If I deploy my app in the way you just described, the cordova plugins don’t work, right?
    Does it makes sense to deploy the app as the browser plaftorm? Basically like this:
    ionic cordova platform add browser
    ionic cordova build browser –prod
    And then upload the folder [project]plaftormsbrowserwww
    If so, does the service worker work as well?
    Are there any traps I could run into? Or is there anything I have to consider by doing it this way?

  • Abu Nj

    what is the difference between PWA and electron app ?

  • Owa

    How will routing work in Ionic going forward?

    Routing is a major headache for PWAs built in ionic,

    Its difficult to implement things like AuthGuards etc, and it seems Ionic doesnt adapt Angulars routing

    • Ratikanta

      I do not have idea about AuthGuards but normally the Routing works fine as it is in cordova app.

  • Raul Torralba Adsuara

    I’m making some tests with a PWA with ionic, are there any component for AdSense or other advertisement system for PWA?