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  • Frank Valcarcel

    Thanks for sharing this, Max. I applaud the Ionic team’s transparency and humility. Some of the automated parts of this are understandably hard to get right. I’m glad you guys built Ionitron Issues on Flask. We’ll be forking that for sure!

  • Terry

    Excellent article and I applaud you all for sharing the knowledge. For years I have said “got to get a grip on GitHub” and this article put a fire under my…

  • Alex

    Can you comment on why you decided to merge ionic2 to ionic repo?

    • yesimahuman

      A number of reasons. One, that’s where the major activity and audience is, no need to make our lives harder by separating the community into two repos. Second, Ionic 2 is the future of Ionic, so it doesn’t make sense to keep it separate. Third, it makes our lives easier to have one repo. We took a cue from jQuery which does this well (master is newest, 2 and 1 stable are in separate branches).

      Angular took a different approach which will be interesting to watch, but we decided it wasn’t right for Ionic.

  • ThomasDalla

    Thanks for sharing these great tools.
    The “Issue Triaging” could go one step further and preselect all these fields when coming from a mobile device.
    Or even have an app to report issues, preselecting the fields based on the device.

  • Sailsbot

    Hey Ionitron, maybe we could get coffee…?

  • Martin Konicek

    Curious how you educate people to use the issue submission form. It is still possible to submit issues directly on GitHub, for example: