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  • Mike Lallemont

    Did you monetize this app and if not did you encur charges for your infrastructure? If you did monetize it, how did you do it and how did you decide about margins?

    • gtRocker

      I guess it is a Donationware – done via Patreon

    • Matt Kremer

      Great question! Right now it’s fueled by Patreon donations 🙂 I’ve got over 40 donators at this point, and it’s growing everyday. I am definitely going to be adding a subscription to the app for several features though (like cloud backup of your checklists) that will most likely be a few dollars per month. As for charges, I thought it was going to be worse than it actually was, I wound up spending about $7 on Firebase Hosting so far.

  • George Chapman

    Very interesting article and expanding on the question @mike_lallemont posted; what costs were incurred getting from “Day 1: I was live on Firebase Hosting…” to “Day 17: The app started trending at…”? Working on the assumption that after being downloaded 40,000 times you will have graduated from Firebases free tier and also assuming that you are using their Realtime Database or Cloud Firestore solution as well as Hosting, what sort of cost have you incurred in that first month including the App Store & Play Store fees? Would be really useful information for others wanting to bootstrap their own app.

    • Matt Kremer

      Hey there! Right now I’m just on Firebase Hosting, and don’t use their storage solution quite yet. Total charges have been around $7 since launch. $5 of that was the first day when I was serving all of the images off of Firebase even if you downloaded the app. Bad idea! Once I figured that out it’s only been about $1-2/week.

  • Jonathan Irvin

    Great article! Your app is phenomenal! And Ionic is amazing too, of course. 😁 Thanks for posting this, Matt!

  • Chuck Knowles

    JUST ionic? what other features did you add in? any stencil or capacitor?