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  • Antonio Gallo

    lets start saying that “ionic setup sass” does not work with the [email protected]
    i’m forced to reinstall 1.7.x if i want to work with v1

    • Josh Thomas

      We are aware that this command is missing. Should be available by tomorrow. I will post once the release is published. Thanks!

      • Antonio Gallo

        anyway, let me say that you’re doing an excellent work!
        I’m verry happy of:
        1) ionic native … in some way it allows to get rids of the crappy ngCordova lib and also you provide nice support and DOC! for those crappy cordova plugins 😛
        2) ngRoute,$stateProvider+$urlRouterProvider are gooooone! yeah! 😛

        • William

          Any update on ionic setup sass? Still not working with beta36

          • Josh Thomas

            Just published beta37 and it now contains ionic setup sass. This is the last change before 2.0 release.

          • Antonio Gallo

            now lets hope that the angular2 guys does not mess up too much with their API 😛

  • Stefan

    Everything ionic offers is absolutely great! Only “ionic test” is missing… If today would be x-mas i would like to have a proposed good practise for writing (1) unit tests (2) e2e tests with ionic2 apps. Setting up proper testing was kind of frustrating. IF ionic offers good practises on how to build hybrid apps, why not also provide that guidance for testing hybrid apps 🙂

    • Valter Matos

      x2, totally “ionic test” is the missing point.

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    ionic browser * is missing

  • Jiyuu

    Could be interesting to check my issue related to the CLI: