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  • Generic Comment

    Can’t wait to use static classes instead of injectables!

    Really liking the direction Ionic is heading.

    • Victor Ramos

      why do you prefer static classes over injectables?

      • Generic Comment

        I personally just prefer the syntax and not having to have yet another member variable.

        To me it also makes a bit more sense. Even though I know the injected class is effectively a singleton, I am more used to the classic approach of a static method like ::getInstance().

        One disadvantage of static classes, however, is that dependency injection makes mocks unbelievably easy.

  • Fares

    Ionic is making big changes every year.
    This is annoying.
    What are your plans for ionic 1 and 3 ?

    • Davo

      Annoying? Don’t you want to offer your users a better and faster app? I’m glad the Ionic team keep push forward, always

      • Fares

        Yes i prefer spending time on delivering a better app than spending it migrating between ionic versions

        • Davo

          As they announced, migrating to 4 from 2 or 3 will not be as much work as the migration from 1 to 2. It mostly gonna consist of typings modifications (like search that/replace all), if I understood correctly. Like this migration from ionic-native 4 to 5. I use 10 plugins, it took me max. 5 minutes to modify my all code…of course I still need to test, but it’s a beta

          • Fares

            If it is going to be as easy as migrating from 2 to 3, I am happy with that.

  • Davo

    I invested a couple of hours to test Ionic Native 5. Overall is working fine but I noticed two major problems:

    @ionic-native/file: Not catched exception

    @ionic-native/push: Push registration isn’t called at all

    otherwise, like I said, looks fine to me. I use following other native libs:



    – I did the testing on real iPhone (iOS11) and Samsung Edge (Android 6)

    – I didn’t test on last lib I used, @ionic-native/google-analytics

    – I will have to take a deeper look, but I noticed that my prod bundle apk size may have decrease of 100/200kb something (don’t know if it’s only because of Ionic Native 5, I cleaned/reinstalled all the libs while removing package-lock.json)

    Thx for the improvements!


    With Ionic 4 in a type=angular build I cant add Geolocation to ~NgModule providers ..

    Argument of type ‘{ declarations: (typeof AppComponent)[]; entryComponents: undefined[]; imports: (ModuleWithProvid…’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘NgModule’.
    Types of property ‘providers’ are incompatible.
    Type ‘(typeof SplashScreen | typeof Platform | GeolocationOriginal | { provide: typeof RouteReuseStrate…’ is not assignable to type ‘Provider[]’.
    Type ‘typeof SplashScreen | typeof Platform | GeolocationOriginal | { provide: typeof RouteReuseStrateg…’ is not assignable to type ‘Provider’.
    Type ‘GeolocationOriginal’ is not assignable to type ‘Provider’.
    Type ‘GeolocationOriginal’ is not assignable to type ‘FactoryProvider’.
    Property ‘provide’ is missing in type ‘GeolocationOriginal’.