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  • napcat

    Would we be able to use this in the windows platform?
    Is there any Google SDK for UWP apps?

  • Juan David Nicholls

    What do you think to use firebase to support browser too?

  • Frank Rittershofer

    Everything is working so far but it will not redirect to ionic app.
    I’ve double checked the instructions and can’t see any mistake.
    Any idea ???

    • Kartik Domadiya

      I am facing the same problem. Call back is not returning to app.. Were you able to resolve ?

  • Frank Rittershofer

    It’s not working with IOS 9.3.5 because Google SignIn SDK is an old version.

  • Frank Rittershofer
  • Nuno Arruda

    When I tap the “Login” button nothing happens, I don’t even get errors in the console. Any ideas?

  • Christian Nadeau

    The method you are proposing is targeting client side authentication only. How would you authenticate server side from an Ionic app?

    We are using Loopback with Passport to authenticate the user server-side. Here’s the flow:

    – We load SERVER/auth/google in the inAppBrowser

    – Loopback (Passport) redirects to Google OAuth (as the plugin you are suggesting does) form setting SERVER/auth/google/callback as recirect_url once authenticated

    – Once OAuth is completed and redirected, the Loopback server is now authenticated and the access token is sent to the client in a redirect to the client app

    The main problem with the cordova-plugin-googleplus is that we can’t pass a redirect URL which would target the server url, not the client itself.

    That limitation seems to come from the Google SDK itself which doesn’t seem to expose suc a property (

  • Dmitry Grinko


  • Anderson Rocha

    Hello Mike! Firstly i would like to congratulate you for the post, it was extremely helpful. Unfortunately whenever I try to run at my android cellphone using the chrome://inspect after selecting which google account I woud like to login in the plugin closes and I am getting 12501 error code. Have you ever faced this problem? there are anything I could do in order to get it solved?

  • Beena Patil

    We use keycloak for the identity management. How do we use it with respect to the above instructions where keycloak is handling the authentication and not the client

  • Street Buzz

    This plugin works perfectly in ios device with ionic 1 version app but after this call I am making ajax calls to my backend but those are failing. Any guess on this. Backend calls are only failing after $cordovaGooglePlus.login()

  • Saswat Sahoo

    I am getting an error :
    Typescript Error
    Cannot find module ‘ionic-native’.