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  • Jiyuu

    Hallelujah! It has been one of the most annoying thing since I started with Ionic…
    Thanks a lot!

  • paulogr

    really annoying ! kkk thank you for help !

  • AndrewBlair


  • jasondu

    thank you

  • abdulmanan ahmed

    wow thanks a lot. thought i was the only one experiencing this problem

  • neilgoldman305

    Awesome, thanks! This was an annoying issue that I had no idea how to fix (I guess I need to sit down and study Gulp). Can this be the default behavior in future versions? Any reason the current default behavior is preferred?

  • Mladen Petrovic

    This should be default option most definitely

  • Selahattin Ünlü

    Thank youuu! :))

  • Chris Weed

    I love Ionic, I love Angular… I just don’t like Ruby (and SASS by extension). Still makes me sad, and keeps me a bit hesitant to use Ionic full time (and propose it for my company).

    • yesimahuman

      Then you’ll be glad to know we use libsass which is written in C++ 🙂

      In general we find it’s considerably faster.