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  • Julien Renaux

    Great job!

  • WebMedia TV

    nice plugin but very expensive

  • Theo Paraskevopoulos

    It’s not much of an innovation, is it? You can make an API out of any half-decent CMS and feed into Ionic. We did it with Umbraco last year –

    • urbgimtam

      Yeah! I’ve been making it with Drupal since last year also.

    • landed

      Yes you can if you have that luxury called time but the innovation is often in the packaging. This solution might be a way I can get my blog into a new market quickly.

  • Liz Brown

    Seems to lag a bit. I downloaded a couple apps via their examples page. They all take a bit of time to load and I’m on 4Glte..

  • Danniella Cloud

    Thank you for sharing! When I was creating my website by this easy in use tool I got a great results. It does not need a special skills in coding + I save my money and time=)

  • landed

    Wanted to know if this was possible with hosted site…

  • JoyFree

    Well done!

  • Jessy Grayson

    Great! Very informative article

  • Pradeep Patel Pmp

    Really Great for Non Technical people..but internally…a CMS..exploited into services…price seems to be the issue here..thought of using it..going some time that i can spend to get it offences guys..just being honest here