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  • Kerpanic

    I came to know this by accident .. can’t remember I received this in the newsletter :/
    nevertheless, my heart skipped a beat knowing that I don’t have to go over manually adding crosswalk to my ionic projects which was on my to-do list.
    Great work guys!

  • Yado Dong

    I added it to my app yesterday, and it’s awesome!

  • Ali Mihandoost

    Its work without any bug in ionic-cli v1.5 finally 😉

  • gauravsaini03

    Is Crosswalk with Android 5+ right to use ?
    Actually, I saw features like WebGL and WebRTC in crosswalk ! Is that available in Android 5.0 also ?

  • dethonthestairs

    Solved some issues with unacceptable choppy animations in my Ionic app.

  • Allan Empalmado

    hi guys, does any of you have any success importing your ionic project with crosswalk in eclipse? I can build the apk using ionic CLI but can make it to work after importing in eclipse. I received xwalk could not resolve error after import. Thanks in advance.

  • Diegol

    Hello Guys, I’m implementing the crosswalk, and is working great. I can see the improvement in 2 old phones. But when I click an input (type=text and email) it get absolutely slow. Only at that moment. These phones (S2, and Razr) have 4.1, any ideas? thanks in advance!

    • Matt Ezell

      I too am experiencing some issues on older devices – specifically the Razr (XT912)… I have tried every version of Crosswalk currently exposed via the Ionic CLI, but some things still do not properly function… Things definitely work better using Crosswalk on the XT912 than without, but things are still not identical between devices… When testing the same build on an S4 and an S5, they look identical – but on the XT912, some CSS styles render incorrectly and are glitchy (displaying keyboard on input focus causes the styles to appear correctly rendered or to misrender if previously correctly displayed)… I also notice performance issues when using varying input types (date is quite laggy to open)… It’s odd – I will post back if I find anything that I feel would be applicable to your issues.

  • Fxker

    I’ve add crosswalk to my project and add android platform. When I open a project, I got this error
    >Error:(189, 0) Error: NDK integration is deprecated in the current plugin. Consider trying the new experimental plugin. For details, see Set “android.useDeprecatedNdk=true” in to continue using the current NDK integration.<

    and in my project panel. I can't find any
    Then I find a way to add
    Unluckly still no find a way.

    ps. srry about my english lol,

  • Andres Felipe

    Anyone knows why a can’t get an apk after crosswalk is added?
    I’ve tried on xp, win7 and Ubuntu 🙁

    • Philippe Huot

      Did you check in your output folder if the apk is actually there? I had the same message and the apk was actually there.

      • Mohan Gopi

        if I am updating anything to my existing project i am not able to see my updated project to build i am seeing my old project only the newly updated project is not showing [ for example: after adding crosswalk to my project and then i am adding a new page to my project and then i build it but i am not able to see my new page ??????]

  • Camilo Lopes

    I had this problem. Why?

  • Jeremy Colton

    Hi, am I correct in thinking that Android OS 4.4+ comes with Chrome so won’t suffer from the 10x speed reduction, so no need to use CrossWalk in these newer OS versions?

  • Gal Ziv

    Hi, trying to execute the application on Samsung Galaxy 3 – 4.3 – api 18 (genymotion) but it crashes before it starts. Any suggestions?

  • Sid J

    Is it possible to build CrossWalk application only for Android 4.x and not for Android 5.x and higher?

  • Hoang Quoc Viet

    i use latest Crosswalk version , but when ran crosswalk i face with error, localStorage clean after app reset!. Please somebody help me solve this!

  • Jacques De Villiers

    If anyone has upgraded to ionic cli2, please note the command to install crosswalk has now changed, and is as follows:

    ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

  • Vinícius

    Hello Guys, we are working with ionic framework in the company and recently we installed the crosswak, after some days some clients received a message on several androids versions. Saying:
    Mismatch of CPU Architecture for the Crosswalk

    If we accept is ok, but some clients don’t know about that and they’re clicking in cancel.
    Do someone knows how to prevent that message? Have some way to fix it before the message appear?

  • yas

    After I installed Crosswalk into my ionic (android) project, I receive the following error message when I run as dubug mode.

    Cannot connect to the target: read ECONNRESET
    error: listener not found

    error: listener not found

    If I run as release mode, I do not receive the error.
    Do you have any idea?

  • David Poindexter

    Just a quick update – it now seems to be as follows:
    ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

    • amine da

      how to remove it?

      • David Poindexter
        • Mario Mol

          does crosswalk still usefull? i mean.. 4.4+ mobile shouldnt work withou crosswalk? app with 80mb is crazy!

          • David Poindexter

            It is useful if you are targeting Android < 4.4, but I agree about the extra bloat. 🙂