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  • Simon Reimler

    This is becoming an more and more awesome tool. Any updates on Ionic 2 support? After already working with Ionic 2 for so long it feels kinda ugly to go back to AngularJS 1, but the creator looks so awesome 😀

    • Matt Kremer

      No specific ETA quite yet, we really wanted to make Creator closer to that “zero to App Store” functionality, and all of our time has gone into Custom Code Support for that right now 🙂

      But we are excited about adding it in the future!

      • John Farrar

        I understand with 1/2 of my brain, and not being at Ionic 2 baffles the other half. So let me say, that is wonderful frustrating news! LOL

      • Marcus Schiesser

        I guess the question is: Start with Creator and Ionic 1 now or use Ionic 2 and build everything from scratch. That very much depends on how complicated it will be to migrate an existing Creator app to Ionic 2 (once Creator supports Ionic 2).

        I just assume anything non-code will be converted automatically, but how about the code I have written?

        • Matt Kremer

          We are most likely going to write a separate system to support Ionic2 and it may have different features all together, we’re not sure if there will be a 1-1 conversion.

  • Mirza Ilhami

    You’re rock guys !!

  • Dan


  • TekAgeSolutions

    This release news is fantastic. One of our larger enterprise customers has me coming in next week to help them with where to start when trying to create an app. I think I’ll use Creator as a way to show them how they can plan and brainstorm and then “turn it over” to us, the dev team for all the other little custom code bits they’ll need in order to make it work.

    Great work team!

    • Matt Kremer

      That’s an awesome use for Creator! Would love to hear more about how it works out for you 🙂

  • giorgiofellipe

    Great release!

  • Lisaiceland

    MongoLab and mongoose support would be nice and that taken later into ng2 as well inside Creator!

  • marcfalk

    Impressive! Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  • Lance Tofsrud

    Great to see Ionic Creator continue gain new features. Obviously would like to see Ionic 2 support sooner than later as well but I’d also be happy to see Backand integration. Keep up the great work!

  • Ravindra Bharathi

    Hi Matt, Thanks for the great work. I would like to know how to debug the code using Creator before testing the final result over web or in mobile?

    • Matt Kremer

      All your errors still show up in Chrome Dev Tools when you’re in preview mode 🙂

  • Dhaval

    Ionic team has done a really great job here

  • Amit Yadav

    Nailed It!!

  • Brandon Lee

    For add-ons MongoDB would be a favorite of mine.

    I also would like to vote for Ionic 2 support as most of our new projects are using Ionic 2.