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  • gugasevero

    Hi Itay,
    Man, I tried to run the ionic app of this tutorial, but I didn’t succeed login using [email protected] and respective password. On console appears the following message: “ionic.bundle.min.js:123 POST 400 (Bad Request) and Object {error: “invalid_grant”, error_description: “The app myBackandApp does not exist.”} controller.js:11″

    • Itay Herskovits

      it is working now, you should be able to login with [email protected]. The username is for public use and someone has reset the password (the password is: backand).

      • gugasevero

        Not yet. The same error appears in console.

        • Robert Cutright

          It is very easy to get started using Backand for this tutorial. I would recommend trying it with your own Backand account. ( I experienced same problem with example. ) The Backand architecture is very good. I recommend!

          • gugasevero

            Yes, a created my Backand account and my app, myBackandApp, and nothing Robert.
            What else I have to do in Backand, besides to creat an app?
            Thank you for your reply.

          • Robert Cutright

            Once you have created your app in backand, click on the “manage app” button to access the app configurations. On the left menu choose “Docs and API” Menu, then “Ionic Mobile Starter”. The page is dynamically updated to be the exact step by step instructions to get the currently selected app up and running. Try those instructions (I would start in a fresh directory on your local machine to do those steps). Try that and see if you have better luck. (I did that again today on a new app to test it and it works well.)

          • gugasevero

            Thank you Robert. I’ll try it later and give you a feed back.

          • gugasevero

            Yes Robert, this way worked, BUT, the data that are in the step by step, doesn’t work! This data in the image. I had to leave the default data of creation of the app (setAppName, setSignUpToken and setAnonymousToken), did you understand?

          • Robert Cutright

            Make sure you leave the routing info in the code when replacing your config info. ( I don’t think its noted in the documentation. ) If that’s not the problem than see if you can find any error messages in console?

  • James Byrne

    Is it possible to work offline with an app using Back& and then have it sync once a connection is established? What about if the app is killed before the info is pushed up?

  • Vicky Lahangeer

    how to retrieve firstname from users model, username of current logged in user.

    • Vince


  • Vince

    Is it possible to share Backand objects (between users), if so how ?

  • Ramesh Bista

    Thanks it worked fine.However it would have been even better if you would have done it from scratch rather then editing the code.

  • Mahendra Rajdhami

    🙁 getting error : user is unauthorized, sending to login in console

    • Mahendra Rajdhami

      no working

  • blek windrunner

    couldn’t login, log said: “user is unauthorized, sending to login”

  • ArKay74

    +1 here, oddly enough login no longer seems to work.

  • Bo

    Is there any similar tutorial for ionic 2?

  • Flavio Passa

    Try this app template that has a working scenario with MySQL and SQLite database made in Ionic 3
    Check it out here: