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  • Paul Pacurar

    VSCode is nice. I’ll start using it when they implement tabs

    • Mike Hartington

      Indeed, it is a feature I’ve been missing as well. Hopefully they’ll add it soon!

      • Juan David Nicholls

        see my template to debug with Visual Studio Code 😀

    • Juan David Nicholls

      yes, the tabs are very important. But VSCode is very useful to work with Node.js 😛

    • Edward Bishop

      They did this now. I hate tabs so it’s not for me but you’ll be happy 🙂

  • 谢森正一

    i got an error [cordova-debug-adapter] Error: Cannot connect to the target: read ECONNRESET and when i type debugger in my code it didn’t work

  • Indy Lawi

    Thanks for the tip.
    Have you tried the same feature with Ionic 2 + Angular 2 & TypeScript?
    How do I debug an Ionic 2 app (TypeScript based) in VS Code?
    Any suggestion or tip?

  • Neil Young

    Would be great, but as long as you cannot “really” debug ts code, it is just ok.

  • manoj meshram

    Unable to find ideviceinstaller. Please ensure it is in your PATH and re-open Visual Studio Code

    i am getting above issue on mac please help me

  • Kyle Roach

    @mhartington:disqus Does this work for ionic 2 as well?