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  • Dominik Pich


  • bala

    Great. But I cant able to use “as” in collection repeat. For example

    item in items | filter:x as results. Getting the syntax error,

    Syntax Error: Token ‘as’ is an unexpected token at column 38 of the expression [item in items | filter:x as results] starting at [as results].

    Is there any workaround for this issue?

    Codepen link


  • Başar Özgür Kahraman


    But Using CardShowcase( ) inside collection-repeat still has problems:(

  • Jeremy Colton

    Hi, this looks great! I need the dynamic DOM feature of collective-repeat that allows huge lists on iOS. How does the performance compare to native scrolling? Is WKWebView on iOS and native scrolling a better solution?

  • Christian Kerwer

    Would be really nice to use it with the asteriks templating feature *collection-repeat analogous to *ngRepeat.

  • Juan David Nicholls

    Hi Ionic team!

    Can you help me? My directive works good on Desktop, but doesn’t work on Mobile, but I don’t know the why 🙁

    Any help is really appreciated!