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  • tmdev_de

    The landing Page is so cheap. I’m just waiting for the WAIT…THERE IS MORE! Seriously guys? If you want to copy Laracasts at least do it right.

    • yesimahuman

      This comment has no place here. Simon is building a service to help developers learn Ionic. It’s going to be a work in progress. Do you want to be an early member and support it so it can grow to become a major resource for the community? That’s your choice.

      And the idea that this is a copy of Laracasts is completely off base, considering it’s not even for a similar technology stack. Merely, that was my goal in finding a similar resource to the amazing work they’ve done.

      • tmdev_de

        its not off base sry. dont get me wrong. i love the idea but the whole project doesnt look like something the idea is representing. it looks like someone wants to make cash nothing more.

        if the comment and so my opinion of the project has no place here its very sad for the whole community.

        i never wanted to make the work behind project looking bad.

      • blackout

        im grateful to ionic for all their products but this time i have to agree with bandicood

      • Anton B

        Sorry guys, but I had a similar feeling looking at the landing page which purpose is to sell first, teach second. It looks like most of the marketing pages trying to force you to buy something right now because of the timer on the page. Seriously, nobody would judge you for payed courses, but do it more gentle, provide more examples for free and it will look less aggressive. Now it feels like the author followed all marketing techniques thinking about himself first, not about end users.

      • squarepixel

        I have to say I agree. Before dedicating to that monthly payment I would feel more comfortable to at least see more information about what he is teaching. The site looks really cheap, the content may not be but poor but it sure is not represented well from what you see. I can get Ionic training with other education sites that are the same price and include a lot more software than just Ionic. I would be willing to pay if it was amazing training, and especially if its easier for someone who is new to Angular and Ionic. But I would need to know more and see something nicer.

    • Jeffrey Chen

      Having the same feeling. I bought the membership for one year. They really need to work harder to achieve the ideas they present.

  • Fredrik Karlsson

    Let me start by dating that I love Ionic and I’m sure the quality in the courses are great but you are missing the reason that makes Laracast so successful. Free content. The learning Laravel X from scratch has a big part of the success of both Laravel and Laracast. When I started looking for the PHP-framework for me Laracasts getting started series tipped the scale for me and I would be surprised if I was alone. I know free content is complicated and may seem impossible. I’m just pointing out what I think would take Ionic in general and Ionic learning in particular to the next level. I think it’s great that you are looking at Laracast since I love it and think it’s great. Just remember to analyse why it’s so great. Maybe lots of free content to get started mixed with paid content to go deeper is the formula? All IMHO of course. Keep up the great work.

  • Simon

    Simon should really re-work the page. From my company, i can’t access the site, because it gets blocked with the reason ‘spam/suspicious’.

  • Matt Hiscock

    Im agreeing with alot of the comments below. As a business owners, I would subscribe this in an instant.

    However with a landing page like that – and no indication on what (and the number) tutorials there are, the level of the tutorials and so on – there is no way in this world I would part with my monies.

    ‘yesimahuman’ – yes this comment does have a place here, as this is being endorsed by ionic, and this comment is on the ionic site.

    There is always one thing I say…
    If it does look great, odds on, the content wont be great either….

  • Joris Debonnet

    I think Simon has reworked some of his sales page after reading the feedback here. There’s a clear link to a page detailing which courses are currently available, as well as a short sample video.

    I agree it’s a bit expensive (250% the price of Laracasts), and there are no free starter courses. But I’d say “not yet”. I believe the recent increased exposure may influence both things. Let’s give him a chance 🙂

  • Workout Anywhere

    Are there any plugins out there for adding a community or activity feed to an Ionic2 App?

  • MLPA IT Consultants

    You say, “Simon is building a service to help developers learn Ionic” – Building, not built. Price comes after product and price usually reflects demand. So perhaps during development it should be free (to maximise initial engagement early on) and structured to encourage specific community feedback to ensure it meets the needs of devs going forward. Once Simon has built the service to a commercially saleable level, perhaps it could then become a paid access resource, mind you the Internet has many lessons regarding companies trying to charge for content. If high utilisation is the goal, perhaps make the initial course tiers free and advertisement supported with a couple of extending grades of access up to Premium for more advanced or more commercial dev content? Either way, it would seem you need to have a well reviewed and commercially complete product with strong market demand before charging for it will be universally well received?

  • Peter Ennis

    @squarepixel:disqus “Before dedicating to that monthly payment I would feel more comfortable to at least see more information about what he is teaching.”

    The site is updated with a link on the front page to courses:

  • Cesar Martin Perez

    Yup, it seems like they only want to make money.
    Since I saw this post I’m looking to Laravel and start learning that.
    I’ve been trying to get some help with a personal project, there’s no much information about what I’m trying to do, no community with clear tutorials or clear instructions, all I see is join IONIC ACADEMY. I’ve been trying to make this app so hard in Ionic giving it a chance. I’m tired of looking for info without any use. I’m going to Laravel and see what comes up.

    You are NOT user friendly at all.