👋 if you’re new here, Capacitor is the latest project from the team behind Ionic Framework that provides an abstraction on top of Native SDKs so you can write modern web apps and access any Native SDK through a cross-platform, portable layer. Capacitor apps work on iOS, Android, Electron, and the web as a PWA.

Last week, we gave the first official preview of Vue support for Ionic Framework at VueConf Toronto. Our very own Josh Thomas (@jthoms1) shared some insight into the first alpha release of @ionic/vue and why we think Vue + Ionic Framework makes a perfect match for developers. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the phrase DevOps. It’s kind of become a squishy and often overused term, yet most people (my fellow developers included) still don’t seem to know what it really means, nor the impact it can have on the business.  Since DevOps has become a passion of […]

Wow, what a month! October saw some big news drop: Firefox version 63 enabled the Shadow DOM and Custom Elements (aka Web Components) APIs by default: Tomorrow Oct 23rd, @firefox will ship v63, with support for Custom Elements & Shadow DOM specs by default (no flag needed anymore) 🎉 Can't wait! #WebComponents #Everywhere pic.twitter.com/jZ8jvBjIT7 — […]

Last week, Google released Chrome 70—its latest update, which introduced a slew of new features like public key credentials, enhanced Web Bluetooth support, and, most importantly, added support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on Windows. This newly added feature by the behemoth organization marks a significant stride for PWAs, which have recently become more pervasive […]

Over the last year or so, modern frontend frameworks have largely converged on a set of standard, recommended build tools and approaches to common frontend challenges (such as building, routing, and testing). As an opinionated UI framework, Ionic has had to do varying amounts of non-UI work in the past to support frameworks like Angular, […]

This is a guest post by Jedi Weller and his team at OpenForge. They have been pioneering new ways of designing digital solutions, integrating cross-disciplinary teams, and sharing common knowledge across technology companies in various verticals. Their work at OpenForge continues to lay the groundwork for clearer communication and enhanced transparency in the technology and […]

It lurks in the shadows…creating hidden trees…playing by a set of its own rules…it’s… SHADOW DOM! But, what exactly is Shadow DOM? Put simply, Shadow DOM is an API that is part of the Web Component model. It helps to isolate component internals, protecting users from breaking changes and global CSS. I’d like to think […]

Two weeks ago, I decided to make a companion app for the popular game, Pokemon GO. While my days were spent working on new products at Ionic (like Identity Vault), my early mornings, nights, and weekends were spent hacking on GO Ranger. Here’s what happened: Day 1: I was live on Firebase Hosting as a […]

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