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  • Tyler Palesano

    It’s a shame this costs $1. I wanted to check out how they used Ionic in their finished product.

    • Ian Goode

      Jeez, don’t let $1 put you off doing something you want to do.

      • Tyler Palesano

        😛 I’m using a company phone and app purchases are prohibited

  • Himankan

    Thank you so much. But please include big brand names and social
    icons like Bing, Wikipedia, Google(small g symbol), myspace etc.
    Please check this out:

  • Niwat

    Interesting app but I am still a little bit disappointed by the performances (general feel)… touch events seem to lag sometimes, scrolling of the map is lagging too. Tested on a galaxy note 2.

    • Sameer Dubey

      Hi Niwat,

      I have something important talk to you

      please send email on [email protected]