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  • homepokergames

    Great looking app! The Cordova default image splash screen is still showing on the live iOS app on an iPad

  • dmackerman

    Looks cool. It gave me an INVALID_URI redirect when trying to connect my Spotify account.

  • loic knuchel

    Sadly I can’t test the app… I’m waiting for an android version…

    Thanks a lot to Songhop team to share some knowlegde. I can’t wait to hear about how they manage performance issues with a lot of picture.
    I hope they will share their ‘tinder-like’ component 😉

  • Ricardo Sousa Barbosa

    great app! congratulations!

  • Joris

    Great app guys! Well executed and like you said, the performance issue is almost non-existent on modern devices.

  • Jamie Sutherland

    Looks sweet guys! Well done

  • Francois Grogor

    Very impressive and fresh design! The image loading is fantastic

  • Hales♡

    Incredible. I hope to one day create something great with Ionic.

  • Michel Nogales

    How to Create the Circle of Progressive Download ?

  • Tanuj

    Brilliant app, finally got around to downloading and trying it. Its very smooth, and its impossible to say if this is a “native” app or not. Speeds were incredible, everything works like a charm. Since I’m not based in USA, I cant properly test the Spotify integration and so haven’t bothered trying, but either way, its a great app.