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  • Antonio Gallo

    “Sorry, your browser does not support the technology we use.
    To use million eyez on your desktop computer please use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. Visit the Help & Support Center to see the full list of supported platforms.” Waaah! I’m using Chromium! – besides would be nice to know how they keep their SEO things? Is there a way to do preprendering of ionic?

    • Andrew Haire

      Antonio – Bummer that it’s not working for you! I spoke to one of our engineers and he suggested that million eyez may be doing UA sniffing. Even though your browser is built with chromium, it’s possible that it has a different UA than normal chrome. Hope that helps. Regarding prerendering (assume you mean server-side rendering), that’s not something we’re doing right now, but it is on our radar.

      • Antonio Gallo

        It works with my firefox. This is my chromium if it can help: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu Chromium/58.0.3029.110 Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36

        So, how can you keep seo without pre-rendering? I tought that with Angular2/ionic2 that’s no more possibile out of the box 🙁

        • Idan Elgar

          As part of our mission, we try to deliver good user experience to our users. Of course a broken website is not a good experience… We are doing UA sniffing and we whitelist browsers that we know to be working well. Sometimes we need to do some adjustments for a particular browser. We are trying to mainly focus on popular browsers.
          About SEO – it seems that at least Google Search, renders JavaScript when they crawl pages. I assume that no pre-rendering is needed for Google Search. For other search engines, we added some dynamic information to each page which contains basic information such as title, description, image, etc. This also has an advantage on social networks when our content is being shared. We still need to improve stuff and have some more work to enhance all SEO aspects

          • Antonio Gallo

            I see you’re still using Ionic1. So angular1 works with SEO 🙂 The problem arise with the evil v2 😛

  • a n onymous

    Interesting that the million eyez website uses angular 1.4.3 and the ionic version is 1.2.4; i.e., NOT the latest and greatest version of angular (or ionic). Guess it goes to show that you do not have to be on the bleeding edge of both frameworks to ship code. There are new components in newer ionic versions that would be cool to use from a UX perspective, but no user cares whether or not your app is built with Angular 1, 2, or 4.
    It would be interesting to know the future development plans of the million eyez team. Are they going to upgrade to a newer ionic version and move away from angular 1? Or do they stay on angular 1 for a while? Do they wait until ionic is de-coupled from angular so that they do not have to use Angular 2+?

    • Andrew Haire

      Great point! It’s even more impressive when you consider they are not on the latest and greatest. Not sure what their upgrade plans are, but it will be interesting to see where they take things from here.

      • Idan Elgar

        We used the latest Ionic version when we started building the platform (which was ionic version 1) We are a small and agile team, and we are very happy of the million eyez platform achievements​ using Ionic. We do not know yet when we will upgrade to the new version but of course looking forward to try it.

  • hamilton43254

    Day by day our mobile technology has been developed in the world. There are more people are more eager to know more new information about this. So i think million eyez mobile gives them more idea in here.

  • bandito

    This looks nice from a dev perspective. I don’t plan to use the app as I don’t use my phone camera at all (I rarely take pictures and when I do they stay on my cloud account FOREVER. Don’t even upload it to Facebook ) but it looks great and it is pretty fast on my phone. It looks great on the desktop too. It gives me motivation that something like this can be done on a webapp/cordova

  • Yves

    Interesting project!
    I’m curious what kind of backend million eyez is using, maybe a BaaS-solution, regarding the team-size and what’s possible with BaaS’s these days that would make sense.
    Wanna tell us what you are using?