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  • Jason Scott

    Really nice app guys. I just downloaded it and the full screen video is a really great addition to the instructions. I’m excited to see so much is possible with Ionic.

  • Young Park

    Very impressive app! Would they be able to show how they did the full screen video. UI seems very smooth.

  • Luca Brunner

    Great Work! I like the smooth transition from splash screen to home screen. Maybe there are “how to” tutorial? 🙂

  • Ryan Seamons

    Awesome. I would love to see apps like this posted in the community to better dig through complicated apps and see how they are built. Sometimes I feel like there aren’t great examples of fully functional apps in the wild.

  • homepokergames

    Great looking app – one of the best yet. I think this is the biggest thing missing from Ionic2 thus far – HOW to make these nice looking themes?!

  • Gustavo

    Such a beautiful app…
    A masterpiece!

  • Alex Leone

    I love this app