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  • Theveloped

    Great to see it’s not just mee that feels Ionic and Bitcoin match so very well. I’m currently working a fork of the bitcore libraries to bring them to Ionic (cordova-bitcore). This would allow ionic to connect directly to the bitcoin peer-2-peer network.

    • Luke Childs

      Sounds like a cool idea but have you checked the impact on battery life? I remember using a wallet app that connected directly to the network a while ago and it absolutely hammered my battery life.

      • Theveloped

        Battery life is indeed still a concern. The current approach is to build a thin (spv) client this keeps the required data to a bear minimum. One will however need to keep at least a single tcp socket open while the app is in used. And although using BIP37 the data sent over this socket is minimal, I’m not sure what effect keeping the socket alive will have on battery life. Will have a look or I can add a starter to the ionic market to get some more people going.

  • Pauline Taylor

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