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  • Dirk-Jan Hoek

    I’d love to try it out, but it seems to be stuck on “Loading Content, Please wait…” 😉

    • aaronksaunders

      hey ping me in the forums so I can see what the problem is.. thanks

      • Mohan Gopi

        I too not able to proceed i am also getting the same loader for long time but the UI part impressed me good work team

  • Stephen Kennedy

    This app is a bit slow and apk is big, but the UI looks great. I love their use of sliders, and that it supports multiple languages. The side menu looks good too (icons and fixed footer). I wonder what angular-based CMS did they use, or was it homegrown?

    • aaronksaunders

      we built a custom CMS to support the solution, thanks for your feedback

      • davidgeller

        Aaron – I thought I recognized your name. Congrats on the project! What’s the best way to reach you? Love to hear your thoughts on Ionic vs. Appcelerator’s stuff.

  • Dariusz Olsz

    Does not work! Loading and that’s it. Does ionic work that way? Is it so unreliable?

  • chrisbenseler

    Which version of Ionic 2 is the app currently using?
    I have installed it in a Moto G4, the transitions (when opening a new page, modal, etc…) are not good.

  • Andres Pastorino


  • UPhOnIXMediA

    After going through the process of building a complete app using ionic 1 and finally deploying it to a device I decided Ionic 1 performance sucks if your app has any level of complexity. I have been searching for a good example of an Ionic 2 app to give me a reason not to go native. Why? Because I only know javascript. With the fast paced movement of angular 2 (with angular 4 on the horizon) and all the great talk about typescript and performance blah blah blah, I was really expecting to see some dramatic improvements in the end results but the performance of this museum app just totally sucks and I’m now asking myself whats all the hype about? I’ve even paid for a couple bits from code canyon and none of it is impressive. I tested this museum app on an iphone 6 and they might as well have built it using Ionic 1 because the performance difference to me is negligible. I would look at react native but the components available for it are also quite limited. From what I can see, this app does not have me sold. I spent months learning angular 1 and don’t want to waste my time again to end up with results like this. Come on please Somebody! Is there any real world decent Ionic 2 app that performs well that I can download from the UK iphone store right now to shut me up?

    • yesimahuman

      We have a number of apps on our showcase. One v2 one we love is Untappd which is very popular:

      Like any technology, the framework only takes you so far. Performance is also something you need to focus on at the app level

      • Edward Anderson

        Untappd is very performant and responsive. Agreed, much better than this one. The built-in hamburger menu is the thing that is least responsive in my experience.