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  • Himalay

    Where can I try the app?

    • Wassim Chegham

      For now, I am hosting the app on firebase:

      • Holla

        Hi Wassim, can you share any details on how you have integrated firebase with offline capabilities in your PWA? Because the firebase js library has no offline storage / fallback.

        • Wassim Chegham

          this first iteration doesn’t implement firebase offline capabilities. Remember, the hackathon was only 48h 🙂
          However, you can look at this doc:

          • karim

            Great work Wassim!!!
            I loved it.
            I actually wanted to do something like this as I have friend who is blind. Glad to see it’s possible 🙂

          • Wassim Chegham

            Thank you Karim.

  • Marcus VBP

    Where can I try the app?[2]

  • http://AutomateLife.TV Mike Lallemont

    How did you implement text to speech? Does it work on iOS?

    • Wassim Chegham

      I am using which is basically a native HTML5 implementation. The app is still a prototype for now and we only support chrome.

  • Dustin Jones

    Not to rain on the parade, but I’m not sure having an ‘app’ that doesn’t work at all on iOS for a platform who’s sole intention is to enable ‘easy’ cross-platform development really counts as a big win…

    • Wassim Chegham

      The app is using cutting edge HTML5 API which I’m afraid are not yet supported on iOS. also please keep in mind that the app is still a prototype and we only support chrome for now.

    • Nkansah Rexford

      Chrome and Android FTW!

  • Prabhash Choudhary

    Can we share the source code? Thanks

  • Nagaraj

    can i use ionic 2 to develop the browser application/ Web application ?

  • Ravi Pandit

    which code i should changed for make my app progressive web app??