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  • Moises Valera

    Awesome, thanks for this tutorial. is there a way or a plugin to calculate network data consumption in an ionic app?

  • Amr

    cordova.plugins.diagnostic.switchToWifiSettings is not compiling, there is no switchToWifiSettings method in the plugin interface

    But it is already here

  • Mariano Alvarez

    Nice tutorial! But somethings like Alert component, Page decorator are outdated.

  • inkout

    When will work with ionic 2? Like 1-2 month? Or more?

  • Mariano Alvarez

    How do you subscribe to safeHttp’s methods? they not always return an observable

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Does this apply to Ionic 2 or Ionic 1.3 or both?

  • Michael Darling

    This tutorial is great! However… I’m unable to get any of it working. I’m sure it’s just that I do not have some of the code in the right place, but the code on GitHub is NOT updated as suggested above. (It doesn’t contain any of the code at all from this tutorial). Is there an updated source anywhere that would put this article in context for how/where to implement these code snippets?

  • Adrian Mikeliunas

    In step “Next, create a new service” are we still editing home.ts ??? NOT CLEAR…

  • Devon Michael

    If you are developing an application, you should absolutely NOT do this. Decorating the ‘Http’ provider like this will break subscription calls in the components that use the “SafeHttp” provider when there is no network connection; as there is no object being returned from the ‘get’ and ‘post’ methods to subscribe too. There are far better ways ionic networking can gracefully fail.

    The author should consider refactoring, or removing this post to prevent further confusion.


    these plugins are renamed and i am not getting how to use this in ionic3