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  • Gaurav Chandra

    This is awesome but i think you all are creating more services which are filling up your plate than finishing atleast one for production. Slow down a little.

    • dwieeb

      We totally agree! Ionic Push is getting ready to be put in beta, and production ready after that. We just wanted to get this last piece in place for our platform.

    • Jim Cummins

      I tend to agree in general, but I would absolutely pay for this service. If done correctly it will help alleviate the most painful part of the process, dealing with the various native tooling. It is a smart move. I’m more interested in how this signs your app? Deals with provisioning profiles, etc.

      • Jorge Vergara

        From the docs:

        But before we dive into that command, we first need to talk about Security Profiles. Security Profiles are our way of securely storing your sensitive Android credentials in a way that allows you to reference them for your builds with a simple name.

        Before you can actually queue a production build, you’ll need to prepare a security profile with a valid Android Keystore. Head over to the Android Credentials docs to learn how to create a Keystore that you can tie to aSecurity Profile for your app.

        • Jim Cummins

          Awesome. Missed that. Appreciate it.

    • Gregor Srdic

      I completely agree with @gauravchandra:disqus , all new features and services are great, but I am afraid some more important aspects (in my opinion) are being left behind, such as windows mobile, support for Internet Explorer, animation and transition performance, etc. All in all, Ionic is a great tool and I am grateful for it, I guess you need more ways to generate income, I will be patient 🙂

      • angelxmoreno

        You are assuming the same individuals working on the features you mentioned are the ones that are pushing out new tools.

    • yesimahuman

      Trust me, I’m trying to slow down @dwieeb:disqus, Eric, and Rudy, but they just won’t listen 😉

      On a serious note: we are hardening things now, and push has been getting a lot of stability and scalability improvements over the last month or two, so it’s not mutually exclusive!

  • Sasivarnan Ramu

    When ionic will we get support for Windows Phone?

    • Sasivarnan Ramu

      Any updates regarding windows phone support?

  • Gustavo

    Wow! Awesome job Ionic team!

  • Sean Hill

    Guys, just stop making my life so easy.

    • Ben Sperry

      Gah! We’re sorry! 🙂

      • Sean Hill

        It’s like, all I do is party now because you’re doing everything for me. I don’t even need to go into work. I just stay at home and watch TV while your servers are coding my app for me. AH YEAH.

    • Vinu Chacko


  • Patrick Sullivan

    That animation though!!

    • Ben Sperry


  • angelxmoreno

    Ya keep making all these cool gadgets and tools. I’m scared I’ll wake up one day and see a $5k bill to continue to use Ionic. I hope that never happens, lol.

    • dwieeb

      Rest easy! The Ionic framework will always be free to use and the services provided by the platform will always have a free tier.

  • Bruno Piovan

    mac has just become much more useless! thanks!

  • Julian

    I have been waiting for this for so long. Thanks Ionic!

    • Ben Sperry

      You are most certainly welcome! Let us know what you think.

  • Steve Gentile

    Great news! Now, if only I could get ionic serve to work with my plugins!

  • Vinicius

    It’s an old solution —>
    The question now is: how much it will be charged to use…

  • Emerson Thompson

    happiness of work with ionic!

  • Daniel Malkafly

    ahahahaua omg this is soooooo great! and came in a good time to me 😀 Thanks!

  • laris1

    You just win the game, jajaj. This is uniq.

  • ismavolk

    This is so fantastic!

  • Todor Velichkov


  • Fábio Rogério SJ

    Very good!

    For a moment I thought I would not need a Mac to build the app for iOS! But the process of generating the security profile still need a Mac, right?

    • dwieeb

      Nope! The certificate and provisioning profile (which together comprise the iOS credentials in a security profile) can be created using Apple’s Developer Member Center.

      We have a tutorial on how to use the Member Center to generate development credentials in our docs.

      • Fábio Rogério SJ


        Then to generate an IPA (for test) I have to have an apple development account?

        • dwieeb

          For testing you can use your Apple ID (yes, you may need to register). If you want to release to the App Store you’ll need to pay the US$99/year.

          • Jiyuu

            I think you’re wrong @dwieeb:disqus :/ I don’t have an Apple Developer Account (just an Apple ID) and I cannot see this ( dashboard. I only see “SDKs” and “Bug reporting” items.

            So, I premuse that you need the $99 account to manage “certificates, identifiers and profiles”. Am I wrong?

          • dwieeb

            Yeah I think this must have changed. It doesn’t make sense that you would need to pay $99 to even make developer certificates, but it appears as if that’s how it is.

  • Matt

    …So you’re telling me i brought a macbook pro for nothing!… Great, only if i knew this earlier!

    • Jean-Mouloud

      You could also simply have had a VM…

  • Mariano Pardo

    This is awesome, thanks!

  • Wilson Mendes

    Congratz Ionic team. Great job!

  • Samuel Ndhlovu

    this is so cool,thanks guys

  • Anderson Souza

    Awesome! Thanks Ionic!

  • Franklin Javier

    Ionic myth!

  • John Mitchell

    The praise the Ionic team gets is insane. Well deserved too!

  • Jean-Mouloud

    Brilliant! That is awesome!

  • astroanu

    but still you will need to own a mac to publish it ?

    • Ben Sperry

      Nope, you don’t need to own a Mac.

      • Julian

        Hi Ben,
        Could you give me a link on how to upload the ipa file to iTunes Connect using Windows? Can’t seem to find a way to do that.

        Thanks in advance!

      • Perttu Iso-Metsälä

        I haven’t been able to find a way to upload the .ipa file to iTunes Connect without a Mac either. Am I missing something?

  • Tin Le

    I love you guys ^_^

  • Rao Ghuge

    Getting Error: Missing Ionic App ID.

  • shoaibbhimani


  • Juan David Nicholls

    Very Nice! Any update with Windows platform? 🙂 #roadmap

  • Christian James Lourenço

    Awesome!!! Thanks!! 😀

  • Jean-Mouloud

    “Build Apps in Minutes with Ionic Package”
    Big failure in the title. Building apps in seconds was already available.
    Packaging them is the new piece isn’t it?

  • Adedayo Ajayi

    Wake me up… I think I’m dreaming. Nice work guys!

  • Wenner Zhang

    I have been using Build PhoneGap to package, but need to adjust many places, such as plugin, icon, splash…

    If you can use Package Ionic of course.. but I have a test.

    ionic Package build is quick

    But ionic package download is slow and slow.

    If it takes so long to pack and debug…

    How to increase the download speed?

    • siddiqakbar

      Phonegap build lets you click to install directly on ios (if you have opened in iPhone.)
      If Ionic package does this (which should be simple), then it would speed up the process a lot.

  • Wenner Zhang

    Why not do an interface to build, list, info, download operation

    Or publish a few relevant API

  • katie woolsey

    is this free to use.?? i use some steps to build iOS this enough to make one..?

  • vSkiper


  • Kumar Gandhi K

    Hi Guys,

    I love the framework, great job.

    Can you guys focus more on ionic forum, I had few issues and got no reply.
    I see more posts there but no answers.

  • Roger

    “That’s it. Once your build is finished, you just download the distribution file we provide and carry on…”


  • Juan David Nicholls
  • HomerBailon

    I get this error! Missing Ionic App ID. (CLI v1.7.7)

  • danieldrope

    Hey @ben_sperry:disqus I found an issue on it, where can I report it?

  • Chawki MESSAOUDI

    then, is what can ultimately publish a ios application in apple store without using a MAC ?

  • leualemax

    we should pay you a salary, certainly produce more value to the company than any other official.

  • Auston Ricardo

    Great news, Nice job!

  • siddiqakbar

    “ionic package build ios” is gr8 but it wont handle the plugins.
    Are you guys not using any plugins (ngCordova)? Or am I missing something here?

  • Juan David Nicholls

    but, what’s the way to set the iOS and Android min version? set only to use in tablets? 🙂

  • naudedewit

    one thing, is there a command for removing a packaged build from the cloud, or updating? I’m adding new packages every time I need a new build…

  • Muralidaran

    is it possible the ionic can able to build the ios in production mode, Because i got error as below,

    Check dependencies
    Code Sign error: No code signing identities found: No valid signing identities (i.e. certificate and private key pair) were found.

    ** BUILD FAILED **

    For development, i got the success build from ionic.
    Followed the same procedure of development – key generation for Production.
    Can any one please help me… I am using windows for developing the ios app. Coz i am trying this for 10days

  • Muralidaran

    Is it possible, ionic can able to build ios for distribution/production. I am using windows for developing the ios app. I got the error as follows,

    Check dependencies
    Code Sign error: No code signing identities found: No valid signing identities (i.e. certificate and private key pair) were found.

    ** BUILD FAILED **

    For Development, i got the success build from ionic.
    Can anyone help me…..

  • ksp


  • David Hasenjaeger

    I’m having trouble setting up my ios builds with ionic platform build. Specifically there are some scripts that I run from my project during the after_platform_add phase to add the TwilioVoiceClient.framework as an embedded binary. When I submit my project, the build fails and the output logs display an error saying that the script files don’t exist.

    Do you have more detailed directions anywhere that will allow me to troubleshoot why my custom scripts aren’t found in the directory of the build machine? Is this sort of functionality supported by ionic package?


    much better