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  • pablito Carvajal

    Hello, thanks for the blog entry, we need one starter backend with only open source. For example mongodb etc. Thanks.

    • Panicos

      “This is our first go at creating a front-to-back Ionic starter project”, lets hope that this means that a full open source solution might also come one day. I have been following ionic since their alpha versions but this is not something I will adopt because of the vendor lock

    • Rômulo Gabriel Rodrigues

      Some diversity in backend service options would be awesome

  • Simon Reimler

    Awesome idea, really like AWS and guess I should get deeper into it now..

  • Abu Nj

    Is the service free to use ?

  • Akash Pal

    Already working with ionic 1 and AWS . So this is great news, in our case we had to set up the back end manually, could this be automated

  • Samuel Kamuli

    Thanks for this guys. I am looking forward to building with ionic and aws. Had my mind on developing an app for a client with ionic and this makes it so much easier as i intended aws to be the backend.

  • Jeffrey Chen

    Don’t know which one to start. Firebase or AWS?

    • Diego

      Does firebase work with ionic? I remember working on projects that didn’t work on real devices when the after-authentication redirection was done. Because of the file:// protocol.
      But I don’t remember if it was exactly the scenario

      • Adam Fanello

        I briefly had an Angular 4 project integrated with Firebase. It was quite easy. I quickly abandoned it for FeathersJS and DigitalOcean hosting for better control of both cost and function. FeathersJS was MUCH harder to get working though.
        If your comfortable with vendor-lock and the sudden price jump when you leave the free tier, Firebase does make things easy.

    • Maslow

      Firebase works great with Ionic

  • Ricardo Suárez

    Awesome you guys!

  • Renato Lopes

    Good ideia.
    And for heroku, you will release something like this ?

  • mangopudding

    This is great news! Thank-you for putting this together. When AWS MobileHub was released – it was great but only supported iOS (via Swift), Android (via JAVA) and Xamarin and Unity.

  • Mat Bettinson

    Mmmm, no typescript defs for aws stuff? If seems to me if you were looking for a reason to choose one cloud giant over another, that might be the tie-breaker.

  • KyDenZ

    Why not Microsoft azure ?

    • Rômulo Gabriel Rodrigues

      Maybe because Microsoft want you to use their C# mobile solutions

  • Matthieu Drula

    Very interesting since AWS has a free plan.

    • Academia Semillas

      Hello Matthieu,
      AWS has a free plan.
      5GB of standard storage Amazon S3.
      Amazon DynamoDB 25 GB of Storage, 25 Units of Read Capacity and 25 Units of Write Capacity – enough to handle up to 200M requests per month with Amazon DynamoDB.

      Amazon Cognito: The Your User Pool feature has a free tier of 50,000 MAUs each month**
      The Federated Identities feature for authenticating users and generating unique identifiers is always free with Amazon Cognito
      Cognito also includes:
      10 GB of cloud sync storage. Expires 12 months after signup
      1,000,000 sync operations per month. Expires 12 months after signup

      Amazon Mobile Analytics
      100 million free events per month**

      AWS Device Farm
      Free one-time trial of 250 device minutes

      • Adam Fanello

        I’m working with AWS at work. It feels like a bunch of powerful (and thus complicated) services integrated together by duck tape: hard to get working, no way to develop with a local stack, and vendor-lock.

        I really wanted to like it. The free tier would have been enough for my application indefinitely.

  • Hanumant Mandge

    How i can use this AWS and Ionic project for virtual machine automation(EC2 instances management )

    • Mark Eames

      I do not believe you need to do any backend infrastructure (EC2 / lambda’s) management – mobile hub does all that for you

  • Ben O’Connor

    if I use this, what about Ionic Cloud? Skip it seeing as it has no storage option?

  • Ritesh Bhat

    AMazing step..Thanks alot..
    AWS + IONIC..when awesomeness meets awesomeness.. :-p

  • Sam 77

    Is it possible to integrate AWS with ionic version 1

  • Richard George

    Can’t wait for the tutorial on how to use the Todo app as a base for other applications 🙂

  • Bennett Fonacier

    Can you create an Azure full stack kit?

  • Amra Kojon

    Thanks for working with AWS mobile hub for better experience IONIC with back-end. From my opinion end, if FIREBASE took place of AWS mobile hub that would be more helpful to us who are developing application with IONIC for more than two year. please see the comparison at

  • abdallah

    Can I integrate AWS mobile hub with Ionic Creator ?

  • Xi Xiao

    the code works in ionic serve browser only, when build release package it will throw `Error: Error encountered resolving symbol values statically` error. Any hint?

  • Nick

    Hi, are there any plans to do something similar for Azure?

  • haouari

    How do I integrate AWS Lex chatbot to my Hybrid App(ionic)

  • Jared

    “Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement cli (from versions: )
    No matching distribution found for cli”… Hi i get this error when trying to run “pip install awscli”. Please help

  • rudy

    I have Runtime Errors like “this.isAuthenticated is not a function” and “this.refreshTasks is not a function” ???
    Any idea ?

  • Andreas Töllich

    Hello and thanks for the blog entry and the effort. This starter sounds very promising! Unfortunately I cannot get it up and running. Runtime Error: webpackJsonP is not defined – when running ionic serve. I am trying to resolve this issue for days. No success. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • Raphael Almeida Araújo

    I know other projects with Firebase, but I liked the simplicity of this project and created a fork in Firebase.

  • Rachit Arora

    I wanted to compare faces using the aws and ionic, how to achieve?

  • Hector Hernandez

    Nice work but I like that this have included push notifications with the aws pinpoint. I enable some steps but I do not know what i need to change in the app src files. Any help?

  • Prasanna C

    This starter is showing buffer errors. Please check the project.