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  • Niek Weevers

    What does this mean for existing apps in the app store? Or is this just for new apps?
    Https is also required, isn’t it?

    • Mike Hartington

      Apple appears to be going on a spree to make sure that existing apps follow their new guidelines. If you have an app that is in the store, you should update it. As for HTTPS, you should be using that anyways.

      • Niek Weevers

        Thanks. And totally agree with your last sentence

  • Keith D. Moore

    It appears it is more than just making sure you are not using hard-coded IP addresses. According to this post: You can use cordova-HTTP plugin to get around the app rejection. Also, see this:

    • Keith D. Moore

      Update: Recently, we had no issues with IPv6. No need to use the cordova-HTTP plugin or secure-HTTP plugin. We also did not have any hard-coded IP addresses in our API. Our backend however does NOT support IPv6 so we were a little worried about it. Not an issue apparently.

  • SubjectiveEffect

    Confused. June 2016 has passed.

    • Keith D. Moore

      Correct. And some apps are being rejected due to IPv6 issues.

  • Juan Cabral

    What I can’t understand it is where I have to change things, I have to modify my app or just enable ipv6 on my server?

    This is where I get lost

  • Moises Valera

    Every update in my app was fine until i started using ionic cloud for nitifications and deployments, since then my app is getting rejected by IPv6 network issue.

    i don’t really know what to do, help please…

  • Robson Reis

    My backend provider plan does not support IPV6, To support IPV6 the plan price doubles. My application was rejected and not I canĀ“t upgrade it. The current version is ok and users can download and install, but the upgrade was rejected. I will try to resubmit to see if this time it passes.