After much ado, we are excited to announce official support for Universal Windows Platform Apps in Ionic 2 beta.3, complete with a total UI look-and-feel and component set.

Windows support has been an oft-requested feature for a number of important reasons. First, many enterprise companies have large deployments of Windows Phones and want to build apps more easily for them. Second, mobile Windows devices like the Surface are proliferating and we want to make it easy to build apps that run on those devices, too. As an added benefit, Windows 10 sports JavaScript as a native app development language which we think is just swell (yeah, I’m bringing “swell” back).

We’ve updated our docs with full Windows previews for all components. Check out the Alert demo as an example.

To get started, update your npm dependency on ionic-angular to 2.0.0-beta.3 or higher, or start a new v2 project. Note: we will not be supporting Windows Phone 8 or below, so get your devices updated!


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  • Jonathan Peris

    So Ionic Lab (CLI) works with Windows devices too?

    • musicalinder

      As far as I remember, Ionic Lab only shows Android and iOS. But it is possible to change platform with a single config line. config: {mode: ‘wp’} inside App Decorator.

      • yesimahuman

        We will be adding Windows to Lab down the road, right now it’s just iOS and Android

        • Martin Spierings

          No problem, the support itself and the fact that it is coming, looks very promising!

  • GoodThings2Life

    This is swell news to hear! Always glad to hear of new backers of the Windows 10 universal app platform!

  • BrandonLive

    Great news!
    Just curious, do you support Windows 8.x or WP 8.1? Understandable if not, just wasn’t clear if the note near the end was referring just to WP 8.0 (which doesn’t support WWA / “native” JS apps) or was saying this is Win10+.

    • Mike Hartington

      This is for Windows 10

      • Vinicius

        Mike, could you be more clearly. There is difference between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, considering that both are based on Apache Cรณrdova Windows Phone Universal platform?

  • Ben A


  • Shawn Fitzgerald

    How do we build for it and does it work on intel Atom or only x86 style CPUs?

    • Martin Spierings

      It uses the web in a Universal app, so it will run everywhere

  • Cristovao Morgado

    “Windows Phone 8 or below”

    Does this means 8.1 and forward?

    • Antonio Gallo

      ionic1 works unoficcially (with polyfill) under 8.1 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yesimahuman

      No, we are only supporting 10+ on Ionic 2. As mentioned below we did some work a few months back to enable Ionic 1 apps to run on WP 8.1 so it’s still very possible with Ionic.

  • Joel Santos

    Great stuff guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Akash senta

    Awesome work guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bastian Bรถrschig

    Will there be Windows UAP support for Ionic 1?

  • Ahmed Alrashdy

    That Will Be AWESOME….Thanks Guys

  • shoroMario

    Good news!

  • Robert

    Tried to run the ionic-conference-app on windows 10 (ionic run windows). The build and run process went fine, new app window opens, but no ionic content is loaded.

    • bandito

      Go to VS Studio and build the project. You can open it from the windows folder and clicking the VS Solution. Afterwards just create a new package and it should work.

  • Zaier

    Xamarin developers are now in troubles …they are like may be we should learn some Angular2 and join the Ionic community… life would be much easier lol

    • Leandro Cavalcante

      Not, really not. Ionic is hybrid, Xamarin is shared native code.

      • Zaier

        Angular developer are more than one million developers.
        They are the biggest community on the web.
        Ionic is a part of this great community …samples and tutorials and support are very easy to get… In the other side Xamarin is dark ..full of bugs and never was a big deal for Cross Plateforme apps … I worked on it on 2013 ..
        Even if Microsoft made it free to use they will not attract developers to their product , because they can not give some great tutorials/solution like other communities do.
        It is all about Popularity !

        • donniefitz2

          I think Xamarin is great. I also love Ionic. They both have their place. If you haven’t used Xamarin since 2013, you might take another look. Things have improved a lot.

        • VaxMask

          I would rather say that React Native made Xamarin less attractive. Xamarin and Ionic are hard to compare. Xamarin will give native performance and native user interfaces. Ionic will not give native user interfaces. But Ionic has other advantages like 100% shared codebase, component libraries and livereload. However, if your app needs native performant interfaces, Ionic (or any Cordova based framework) is out of the question.

  • bandito

    Just heard this. I am like just wow…I was using ionic to develop an app for the Surface too. Now I won’t have to do much CSS tinkering LOL

  • Vahid Najafi

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kotobee

    Ionic works with Cordova.. does that mean that Cordova supports Universal Windows Platform Apps?

    • RichiCoder

      Has for sometime IIRC

  • Raju Rajpurohit

    Congratulations to IONIC Team

  • Mike Tran

    Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex GoodBoy

    Will ionic 1 be support to Windows Phone ?

    We do have a couple of app running on Ionic1 and having to refactor / recode everything to ionic2 is a “pain in the ***” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for your return ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great work indead

    • Martin Spierings

      I’m guessing it will be Win10+ only

  • Martin Spierings

    Wow great news. Finally able to use Ionic to target all the major mobile OSses is great!

    Btw, the demos on the page aren’t updating when selecting new pages or scrolling. But when i push back button, it does. When using Chrome btw

  • David Hรถck

    Awesome guys!!

  • donniefitz2

    Great news.

  • Gursharanjit Singh Hayer

    How do i install latest beta. i am on 2.0.0-beta.9

  • Vijay Vishwakarma

    Great work. Thank you Ionic Team ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tiago Silva Pereira

    This is Awesome!!! Great work IONIC Team!! I love your job!


    Great news, So we need Windows to build the app?

  • Pawale Gajanan


  • Gregory Ranston

    Can you please update documentation by adding a section “building for Windows 10” here . Also what are the hardware requirements for building Windows 10 App? Can we able to use Mac for building Win10 Ionic Apps?

  • Sasivarnan Ramu

    Great news. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leonardo Almeida Araรบjo (leoal

    Awesome! Each time I like more of the Ionic.

  • Joel Santos

    This is great, but are the updates for Visual Studio going to be updated soon? They are still using ionic 1

  • Leandro Cavalcante

    How do I target my mobile windows devide as a platform for run? ‘windows’ is my desktop, and avaiable platforms only shows windows8 & wp8 options.

    • Priyanshu Jindal

      It will work with platform “windows”
      You just need to add these lines in your config.xml

      • Jagannath Rao

        How to bring up windows phone emulator ?
        ionic emulate windows only brings up Windows app and not windows phone.

        • Jagannath Rao

          I got it working by importing the project to Visual Studio 2015 as Cordova Project

  • Tony Anderson

    This is great news, thanks.

  • Mattheus

    Ionic rocks!

  • ianmin2


  • krip

    why I don’t have windows platform here?

    $ ionic platform
    Updated the hooks directory to have execute permissions

    Installed platforms:
    android 5.1.1

    Available platforms:
    amazon-fireos ~3.6.3 (deprecated)
    blackberry10 ~3.8.0
    browser ~4.1.0
    firefoxos ~3.6.3
    ubuntu ~4.3.3
    webos ~3.7.0

    • Madalin Ignisca

      Did you upgrade your ionic cli package? you need today the 2 / Beta build. Also, your project needs to be on the 2 / Beta version of the framework.

    • Madalin Ignisca

      By the way, are you on a windows host?

  • Vijay Sasvadia

    how did i create windows mobile application in ionic???

    What are the prerequisite to develop the windows mobile app and android app.?

  • Matthias Bordach

    just a question, is windows phone support useless in future? some big apps stop their support like skype and amanzon app. Somebody could think Windows Phone OS is going to nirvana and the work ionic team put to windows phone support is worthless. what do you (community and ionic team) think about that?

    • yesimahuman

      Consider this us testing the waters. We had been receiving sufficient interest from the community that we decided to add support and see how it went. However, while Windows Phone is a dying platform, Edge and Windows is not. Our support is now more focused on Edge and Windows 10 than Windows Phone.

      • Matthias Bordach

        thanks for the replay!
        Sounds honest and logical !!

        Anyway good work so far !!

  • Cara Mooralian

    This is great news, thanks.

  • Yen Jacobs

    Is it possible to use Firebase Cloud Messaging integration with UWP app?

    If not, what’s the best alternative?