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  • Slash

    V4 is not compatible with ionic2&3 which is a great pity. So new webcomponents are compatibile withy any or no framework but not with actual ionic4. But from the otherside great component great work. Thx to your big effort and a big new webcomponents.

    • Sani Yusuf

      Hi man, this is not entirely correct. V4 is compatible with Ionic 1, 2 ,3. Just a few updates and all is well since it is rendered with web components.

    • Joe Grassini

      You can still use the icon font which is part of v4.
      Even the documentation says it “The font icon is compatible with previous versions of Ionicons”

    • Slash

      @saniyusuf:disqus can you explain which updates we need?
      @joegrassini:disqus I think we can use the new icons with the new icon fonts if we install new 4.x.x version. But I think we can not use the ion-icon as WebComponents, because ion-icon is integrated in [email protected] and you can not load installed web-component, but the integrated ion-icon is only loading new font. And in this case you can not benefit all the improvements. We know we have to wait ionic4 to use all the new big feature 🙂

  • Cara Manual

    Very good icon, I like this.

  • Thomas Lohmann

    Dream…, we finally need Ionic version 4! Waiting for it almost over 100 years^^

  • Eric

    Silly comment perhaps, but where is the documentation on how to use them in existing Ionic apps? Should I be under the impression upgrading is as easy as bumping the NPM package up?

  • amine da

    after switching to Ionicons v4 ! my ionic app is way faster ! awesome work ionic team.

    • Eric

      How did you do so? Just update the NPM package?

  • Ariel Di

    Of course there’s not the initial big load time but, know that each icone is loaded on demand, is it not slower in terms of feedback to the user ? Nice though

  • Rashid NK

    when I opened ionic blog ,I read this article title like “Announcing Ionic v4!”, Iwas Excited 😀 😀
    ,later I realized this is ionicons

  • Piotr

    HI!, is there a way to self host ionicons v4???
    I mean both js and icons.

  • Andrzej Tokarski

    Why not let us choose? As a designer I prefer working with fonts, not svgs…For the final app/web it makes sense, but not for designing,

  • Remi Sture

    What is the approach for getting this to work with Ionic 3.9.2? Will it work to just bump the `ionicons` npm module to `4.0.0`, and it will work out of the box? Or will I need to wait for Ionic 4 to launch before we can use this?

  • An An