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  • ooj

    OMG, I love you! This totally rocks!! *cheesy grin*

  • Reymon Reyes

    Ionic is getting better and better every time! Super awesome!

  • Arnold

    Waoh, this is awesome. Ionic framework keeps suprising me

  • jackyon

    nice, will try immediately

  • jackyon

    angular-websocket is required by Ionic Push, and should have been automatically installed in the previous step…

    I have tried these steps many times:

    ionic plugin add
    ionic add ngCordova
    ionic add ionic-service-core
    ionic add ionic-service-push

    there is no lib/angular-websocket/angular-websocket.js…

    should I skip this?

    plz advise.

  • loic knuchel

    I’m super enthousiastic of testing that… I’ll give a try soon for SalooN 😀 And, if I have time, make a french blog post about it 🙂

  • Nathan Kerr

    The push plugin hasn’t been updated in more than 8 months. We found that Telerik’s fork is much more stable:

    • Lucky

      But it works (For Cordova 3.5)

  • Fernando Ferrari

    love you guys so much! <3

  • Jesus

    ionic push, works with Ionic View??

  • Young Park

    What is the benefit of using Ionic Push rather than using some services like Parse?

    • Lucky

      Services like Parse are not free, with the phonegap push plugin I added push notifications to my app and built a dashboard in php that sends push notifications to all my users (At no cost).

      But the Ionic Push is really cool

      • José Lecaros

        Parse has a free tier, which includes (a huge number of) push notifications.

        • Lucky

          a huge number of push notifications.
          less than 1,000

          • Young Park


          • Ross Waycaster

            No, with Parse’s free tier you can send an unlimited number of push notifications for up to 1 Million users.. It’s pretty hard to beat. Even if that means adding an extra hour for emplentation.

          • José Lecaros

            I don’t know where you got that number from, but you can check their plans here

      • Young Park

        Sounds Ionic Push is free, but it’s free for alpha period. Isn’t it?

        • Lucky

          Not sure

          • Young Park

            Well, it says it. of course, they have plan…

    • Alberto

      with parse in cordova is to much work send push from app to app, i see ionic implementation and is too much easy.

  • Tom McLellan

    Awesome! I’ve implemented Parse push on a few iOS projects but the hassle of setting up multiple provisioning profiles takes a lot of extra time – can’t wait to give Ionic push a try.

  • André Steinn

    Phonegap’s official plugin has not receive an update for almost 2 years.
    Why not Fork the project and build an Ionic’s “own version
    It could have more benefits, that could be included in, like: Change led color (when available), add Desktop Shortcut Badges (when available), also fix some bugs in iOS, specially in newer versions..

  • swami108

    Any idea what the pricing structure might be once it’s out of alpha? I want to make sure what I’m getting into before investing time in ionicpush–as opposed to using something that’s free, like ngCordova’s push plugin.

  • P_M

    Does it depend on GCM / APNS for delivering notifications or provides is own implementation? I am currently working on a project where we serve some time-sensitive notifications to users. From what I’ve read, GCM / APNS Notifications may get delayed or even worse, wont get delivered at all. So am curious, what will Ionic Push use under the hood.

  • krik

    In case you missed it. There’s a brand new push plugin for cordova just released last month:

  • Toni Lähdekorpi

    Any plans for Windows Phone?

  • Simon Reimler

    If anyone has problems setting up Ionic Push, follow my guide to get it running (including a screencast):

    Big thanks to Ionic once again!

  • wojder

    Hi, I got one question – will Ionic Push send notifications when app is paused/suspended?

  • Ferdhika Yudira


  • Samarth Agarwal

    How do I send push notifications from an Angular App? I can receive them when I send them from Ionic CLI.

  • Simon Reimler

    For anyone interested in a real example, check out my tutorial:

  • Gibran Castillo

    Is this for ‘Push Notifications’? Does it integrate with Apple’s Push Notification Service? APNS Server?

  • punksrant

    Hi is there any blog on how to test ionic push with app on ionic view

  • MarcinDl

    If it will not be for free, no thanks. will be better to write it on my own or just use other solutions.

  • Sakshi Tyagi

    Push Notification are now Free with some service providers and I think is the best service provider because they are providing 500 subscribers free then they will Charge after 500 subscribers and best tech 24hr support.