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  • David K

    windows beta would be great -get busy ionicers!

    • Ben Sperry

      We’re working on it! 🙂

    • Josh Bavari

      You bet. We’ll have it out *very* soon.

  • juarezpaf

    Oh my God! You guys are unstoppable. Thanks a lot for pushing so hard to make developers’ life easier with such amazing tools like this one. ?

    • Josh Bavari

      You’re welcome. That’s our goal!

  • Andy Mehalick

    Wow amazing, you guys are making mobile app dev as fun as anything I’ve developed with in the last decade. Thanks for all the crazy hard work

    • Josh Bavari

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the kind words of appreciation. We’ll keep rocking it.

  • Julian

    You guys are just spoiling us over here. Please never stop!

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks for the kind words! We’re doing our best 🙂

  • Joshua Carroll

    Okay… so I’m super excited about Lab, but what I really want to know is: when is the update coming to Ionic that will incorporate desktop development via Elektron like you did here?

    Bravo, Ionic. Bravo.

    • Tim Lancina

      Electron will be supported in Ionic 2 🙂

      • Devan Sabaratnam

        That is even MORE exciting… Would love to be able to create cross platform *desktop* apps using Ionic… From what I have seen of Electron and its capabilities, it ROCKS!

      • Joshua Carroll

        Can’t wait!

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks for the words of appreciation. As our ongoing commitment to open source, we’ll be contributing back to cordova to patch some issues we came across when using Electron with Cordova as well. Cheers!

  • Maxime Julian


    • Josh Bavari


      • Si

        Is Lab compatible with apps created with Grunt, when the source is based in the app folder? Any chance of a grunt serve button?

  • giorgiofellipe

    Awesome release, thank you guys! Keep going

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks for the words of appreciation. We’ll keep it up.

  • Zulhilmi Zainudin

    Coolness. Will this Ionic Lab becomes a paid app in future?

    • Josh Bavari

      Not in the foreseeable future!

  • Timothy Ha

    Thanks a lot for your work.

    • Josh Bavari

      You bet. Thanks for the support.

  • Andi García

    And linux?! Is there any hope for us to get this tool?

    • ThomasDalla

      +1, Linux please

    • Josh Bavari

      We’ll def be looking into it.

    • Rubens Fernandes


    • Rusty Cohle

      +1, Linux please…

    • adoiu9


    • Giancarlo Ventura Granados

      Yeah, we want it for Linux. +1

    • Frank Martinez

      +1 For a Linux version

    • Marcelo

      + 1

    • Laz

      +1 for linux

    • Joseph Adam

      +1 => There are a lot of developers working with Linux. Please, think of them

    • yesimahuman

      We support it now, go to 🙂

  • Jeazy

    Wow! You guys are straight up awesome!

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks! We’re doing our best.

  • Toutma

    Nice work ! Many thanks 😉

    • Josh Bavari

      You bet. Thanks for the appreciation and support.

  • Rafael Urdaneta

    Excelent!!! thank’s!!!

    • Josh Bavari

      You’re welcome, thank you! 🙂

  • Ashraf Sayied-Ahmad

    Awesome guys!
    Take the next step to be competitor of Telerik Platform (App Builder) and Intel NDK

    • Josh Bavari

      We’re just trying to make tools to make our users happy 🙂

  • Viacheslav Osadchiy

    Can’t wait to try this tool on Windows!

    • Josh Bavari

      Coming soon, we’re working on it!

  • Devan Sabaratnam

    This is totally amazing stuff. I just switched over to using Atom as my main editor too. Wouldn’t it be superb if Ionic Lab could be integrated directly into Atom as a package? Killer IDE! 😉

    • Devan Sabaratnam

      I’ll redact my comment – I just noticed the ‘Open app in Atom’ menu option within Lab, which is close enough for me! 😉

      • Josh Bavari

        Winning! Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

  • Roberto Luiz Debarba

    Ionic runs on Linux, The Ionic Lab should too!
    Great job!

    • Josh Bavari

      You bet, I’ll be looking at that!

  • wilson108

    Feature request: IDE integration within Ionic Lab so everything I do is within Ionic Lab. Maybe integrate Atom right into Lab. That would be super cool!

    • Josh Bavari

      Yep, great suggestion. I’ll be looking more into that!

  • Abhishek

    This is great stuff. Lab for linux would be awesome. 🙂

    • Josh Bavari

      It’s definitely in the future. 🙂

  • Anil Kumar

    Hi am using Ubuntu system, can you please send Ionic lab app for Ubuntu system. I am eagerly waiting to use the Ionic lab

    Anil Kumar

  • Bala

    Any idea about when can we expect for Windows

    • Josh Bavari

      We’re working on it right now. Hoping for end of this week or next week.

  • TrueWin Chennai

    Simply Amazing

    • Josh Bavari

      Thank you!

  • Joel

    That looks really great and “next steps” are very promising ! 🙂 One feature request (if not already in it), the possibility to manage updates of Ionic Lib, and then plugins 🙂

    • Josh Bavari

      We’ll add those to the roadmap. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Gaurav Chandra

    Oh man. this is crazy. I was thinking about creating something like lab couple of days back as I don’t like working with the cli and today BOOM! you guys are awesome.

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂

  • JayBird1979

    No iPad view?

    • Josh Bavari

      Additional view options are coming. Some of those will be iPad, Nexus, etc.

  • Josh Morony

    That’s awesome, great work. If support for setting up ngCordova is added I’d probably use this almost exclusively (one click installation of the 60+ ngCordova plugins would be sweet!)

    • Josh Bavari

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s in the roadmap. It’s still Beta (work in progress).

  • Architruc

    Great idea! Finally guys who knows command-line tools is great, but buttons for those who prefer it is even better. I was thinking I hate CLI, but ionic CLI is one of the exceptions since it is very well done. This UI seems even greater.

    When will we have plugins for IDEs like WebStorm, Visual Studio…? 😀
    Some of these features (Ionic Creator <3 just discovered it, seems great) would definitely integrate well in IDEs. It would boost Ionic even more, and help to compete with the toolset native apps seems to already have 🙂
    (I am also discovering Android Studio with current version, I must admit they did a great job with it.)

  • Kinpika

    Can’t wait for the Windows version, GJ!

  • justinalexander


  • Younès Tls

    You are the best ! 😉

  • Paco

    Is it possible to modify the js, html, css and all the files into Ionic Lab?? Anyway congratulations!!!

  • Israel Vicars

    How about using marketplace starters as an app type?

  • José Ignacio Santa Cruz

    It doesn’t seem too difficult to make it work on Linux. It just requires electron and a couple of commands in the terminal.

  • ersineser

    Great Works! Greetings from istanbul, Türkiye.


  • Aldo Ziflaj

    Guys, why no Linux support?

  • Waldemir Francisco


  • doakwd odowak

    nooo i dont hv mac T__T

  • Michaeels

    Any specific release date for the windows version?

  • Yong Jia Chan

    Is there an approximate date of the windows release? Can’t wait for such great tool!

  • Dante Cervantes

    this is right, but, can you add an IDE to code there while im watching the results in same window, it will be very useful

  • محمد محمدی

    where is windows? 🙁

  • Willian Custódio

    I was eager waiting the Windows version. Thanks!!

  • Pablof8

    Oh man, I remember reading about this a year ago and thinking how cool it would be. Unfortunately, I don’t develop mobile apps anymore but I will keep this in mind if opportunity ever arises!

  • Anfield Alvin Coleman

    yes absolutly. linux too. Hopefully before years end no???

  • Jean-Mouloud

    Looks like a web version would be possible.
    Add cloud build for iOS/Android/WP and we’re finally platform independent.
    Anytime soon?

  • Tanuj

    really nice! quite used to the CLI, but this just makes things really cool and simple. Might start using this instead of the CLI.

  • Confused

    THANK YOU!!!!

    How can I now use cordova bluetoothserial plugin with htis?

  • farxad

    would love to see this on linux.

  • Fred G. Vader

    seriously – it’s 2015 and everyone is leaving comments saying “wow you guys are killing it” all because you provided a GUI interface??? If this was the early 90’s when GUI’s was the new hotness then I could understand all the fervor but again – IT’S 2015!! This should be a given for any product and it seriously shouldn’t have taken this long (matter of fact it should have been there from the start). So forgive me for not jumping on the “you guys rock” bandwagon. Ionic is an awesome product but we shouldn’t have to wait and plead for GUI’s.

    • yesimahuman

      Well, you don’t have to wait and plead, since it’s out 😛

      Something interesting happened in the last several years, probably related to OS X gaining such large dev share: the CLI came into vogue. It’s not so cut and dry anymore.

      At any rate, these things take time to build, no matter what. We started with the CLI and now we have a GUI, so that should make both sides happy.

  • Drithi Software

    I love ionic framework and the new ionic Lab too. However, I am unable to use ionic Lab within a corporate network that mandates the use of http/https proxy. Please add support for http proxy.

  • shs gesru

    error downloading ionic lab……..i cant download ionic lab for windows…….

  • shs gesru

    error downloading because timeout……….

  • shs gesru

    please help me out…………i die trying to download ionic with command tool…………….its my last try………………

  • awmcreative

    Please allow for vertical scrolling for those using smaller displays. Parts of the app are unusable.