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  • Blackshuu


    • Josh Bavari


  • Rodrigo Graça

    IMHO you guys should focus on the CLI version….

    • Josh Bavari

      We haven’t stopped improving the CLI version. We update the lib so both the GUI and CLI get updates. Updates and release coming soon. Thanks for your support.

    • Yehia Abdel Salam

      @rodrigograa:disqus i was thinking the same thing, very few developers well use the GUI. A good percentage of ionic developers are web developers as well, so they are much comfortable using sublime or the new visual studio integration and will never use the GUI, the GUI version might actually attract lousy developers.

      The one thing i think you guys should focus on is Windows Phone official support. I mean i want to use ionic in every mobile project, but with enterprise customers they always need the ios/android/windows-phone combo, they don’t care whats the market share for Windows Phone is, thats how the RFP is always published, for Europe & NMEA. Services like the notification hub and reloads and support are the ones that should help you make money, not the GUI. Just my two cents 🙂

  • MadMax11

    Great stuff. Given the limitations of windows not being able to deploy to iOS. Will we be able to easily export our project on windows and import into IonicLab running on a Mac for a deploy to iOS?

    • Josh Bavari

      We have a feature coming out that will allow you to build iOS applications without having a Mac. We’ll keep you posted.

      • MadMax11

        Wow that would be awesome indeed – switching to a virtual machine is tedious.

      • Osei Fortune

        Oh a build service would be nice ?

      • Arjan van der Wal

        That would be nice 😀

      • Vidhyadharan D

        That is excellent feature. Its Indeed

      • Charles

        The feature I was looking for !! :D…Not easy to have a Mac all the time 🙁

  • timenomad

    “Build options for Release” – What is that for? Isn’t all resources local anyway and there’s no network latency?

    • Josh Bavari

      It will reduce the size of the compiled application file.

      • timenomad

        Makes sense… Too bad the savings are canceled out by Cordova plugins and browser engines such as Crosswalk 😉

  • Daniel Milner

    Ionic Lab for Mac still appears to be the old version.

    • Josh Bavari

      The Mac version is now updated to beta 2. Minor improvements on Mac, still more to come.

      • Daniel Milner

        I’ve downloaded it twice, but the version number still reads 0.29.1

        • Josh Bavari

          Ah yes, that’s the Electron version. I’ll need to update the file version to state the Ionic Lab version, which is 1.0.0-beta.2. Thanks for the heads up!

          • Daniel Milner

            Ha, I found the Lab version in the Preferences dialog 🙂

  • keyrune sasuke

    Is it the same as ?

    • Josh Bavari

      Nope. Just a stand in replacement for CLI.

  • Martin Spierings

    But this doesn’t include building Windows apps? Why? Or why isn’t it on the roadmap?

    • Josh Bavari

      I think it is included on the extended roadmap. It will be added in if not.

  • Cezar Lamann

    Why Android only apps on Windows? Why not WP and iOS too?

    • Osei Fortune

      Lol you can’t build IOS apps on Windows ?

      • Cezar Lamann

        Yeah, I’m aware that we can’t build for iOS natively, but what about Windows Phone?

    • Osei Fortune

      Unless they Integrate some build service ?

    • Josh Bavari

      It’s in the roadmap. Just not supporting it 100% yet.

  • Justin James

    Great work. On Windows, it appears though that it does not work behind a proxy server. I have both the system env http_proxy and https_proxy variables configured but Ionic Lab is complaining about being offline still.

    • Josh Bavari

      We’ll be ironing out the proxy server. There’s talk of moving server things to use browser-sync instead. Hang tight.

  • Roberto Luiz Debarba

    Awesome, another successful project!
    Awaiting Linux version =D

    • Josh Bavari

      Theres a link for linux on Await no more!

      • Roberto Luiz Debarba

        I had not seen. Thanks a lot!

  • srininara

    Very eagerly waiting for the Linux version!!!

    • Josh Bavari

      There is a link for x86 and x64 downloads on – go check it out.

  • tianjia

    Can not open the site( in China

  • tianjia

    Who can send a “Announcing Ionic Lab for Windows” to my mailbox ([email protected]).Tks

  • Masum

    is there a virus on the software???? Please explain.

  • Jdou

    How nice

  • Jdou

    can’t wait to work with it

  • Vilash Varghese

    The windows version seems to have a trojan virus detected by my AV. Please check.

    • Josh Bavari

      Which anti-virus is reporting that? Please advise.

  • salvatore fusto

    Hi, i’m testing the tool but i’ve 2 problems:

    1) i’ve create 2 new different apps (say ionic 1 and ionic2), based on sidemenu and maps, then i preview the ionic1 and all is ok, but if i switch to ionic2 and try to preview this, i see ionic1 again;

    2) for ionic2 app i installed the android tool, then i tryed to emulate this but i receive

    Error running android app.

    Error: cmd: Command failed with exit code 2

    can anyone explain how to solve please?

  • Reverson


  • O’Neal Ombu

    Wow!!! I’ve been having it a little difficult liking and knowing how to use the CLI but now that we have a Graphical Interface, that’s awesome… Kindly focus on both CLI and GI for all of us to be happy building with whatever makes us comfortable with….

  • Fernando Fabreti

    How can we set CLI options like –address ?

  • Fernando Fabreti

    I don’t think you guys should focus on CLI I think you guys should focus on productivity ! Great move !

  • s.shivasurya

    awesome 🙂

  • suifengtec

    Nice work!! I love Ionic!

  • Rashid NK

    Hello, i have installed ionic lab in my ubuntu, but i didnt find executable app in the installed software list, where is the ionic lab, how to open GUI tools, i can run from CLI only , ionic serve–lab, need help

  • shs gesru

    error downloading ionic lab for windows because timeout

  • nallib said tala montenegro

    Installed… nothing is intuitive…
    so i closed to start again… no CANT BE OPENED … ERROR EVERYWHERE

  • Govind Rai

    ionic lab android platform install problem getting error code 1

  • Marcelo Oliveira

    Hi, I am having problems with cross-origin resource sharing (cors). How to enable that ? I can do that in my Chrome with an extension but what about ionic lab ? How to enable cors ?

  • Jankiphulkari

    I am not able to setup ionic lab, getting this error

  • Ilaj

    I like WYSIWYG tools for fast prototype… I waste each time a lot of times making design at CLI instead visual. Good example is Sencha Architect and other tools.