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  • davidgeller

    Very cool. But every time I see something new, like this, I keep thinking this is Appcelerator all over – a continual parade of new features grasping for the blessings of big companies while failing [perhaps too strong a word] or delaying to implement and release important foundational elements and features. Personally, perhaps selfishly, I’d like to see Ionic communicating more often, and more thoroughly, with its users (a month between blog posts seems like an eternity), releasing important versions – like 4.0, improving its documentation, initiate or support regional user groups, become an industry thought leader in PWAs (you’re so close – if only the documentation was better). Definitely a fan – just one anxious for a steadier ship and a schedule for ports of call.

    • Max, Ionic CEO

      Are you on our mailing list? We communicate more regularly there. As for 4.0, stay tuned for a major announcement soon. Regardless, we have to ship something solid and these things take time!

      Also, we are working on all those things you mentioned, just wait a few weeks.

      Getting big companies excited is really good for Ionic. That means we can actually survive and thrive. If ionic couldn’t make money that would be a much worse thing for the project!

      • davidgeller

        Appcelerator’s downfall was probably due to a complex design that was unreliable at its edges coupled with changes that occurred too frequently. Just as people would become comfortable with their tools and framework they’d be confronted with dramatic changes. Their documentation was almost never in sync with what they were pushing. My experience with your platform is 100% different – and more delightful. And that’s why, with PWAs coupled with increasingly more capable mobile browsers, I’m so hopeful to have a long and fruitful run building apps with your product. I just hope that the changes that do take place are measured. I won’t comment (or criticize) on your latest security product because I don’t fully understand it yet. I just hope to see more core platform advancements and will remain one of your stronger and enthusiastic supporters.

  • cocowalla

    > get customized pricing based on your needs

    Oh wonderful, “call me” pricing.

    Please, just be upfront and publish your pricing. Don’t make me have to endure sales calls and follow ups and wasted time 🙁

  • Ahmad M

    nice but “call your sales for pricing ” make me less excited , because i would assume it in thousand and your sales will try to justify it to me .