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  • Rick

    Nice! “Your app may not work fully when run within View if you have unsupported Cordova plugins or custom native code.” Will you then support more native plugins?This would help even more!

    • yesimahuman

      Yep, we are constantly adding plugins. Do you have any specific ones in mind? Unfortunately, there’s no technical way to support arbitrary native code (actually, that’s a good thing), so we need to do it on an as-needed basis.

      • Rick

        thanks for the reply! this will depend on the project, as an exemplary local notification. It would really be great if all the Ionic Native plugins would be supported, but maybe this is not possible?

      • Justin O’Dwyer

        iBeacon support would be really useful, I note it’s already available in Ionic Native:

  • Guillermo Ochoa

    hello and greetings ionic team, i have a question…
    do you have any support in spanish ?

  • Naitik Joshi

    Good, As i have heard IONIC 2 will launch in early JAN, Is it true?

  • GHir


  • Michael Anckaert

    Is this feature intended as a way to share apps between developers and testers, or also with end users of an organization?

    • yesimahuman

      Both, and we’re still figuring out how to make this work best. Would love to hear more about any usecase you might have: [email protected]

  • piotr

    Is there any documentation available on ‘Ionic for Organizations’? – this contains some really basic info and is not useful at all.
    For example I’d like to know how you share the app with end users, how to implement auto update mechanism or how to deploy to different channels using ionic view.