At Ionic, we’re always looking for ways to enable developers to build amazing apps faster and easier than ever before. Today we’re announcing something totally new to bring a nice improvement to your mobile development workflow: Ionic DevApp.

DevApp is a 100% free mobile app for iOS and Android that makes it easy to test apps directly on your devices. DevApp offers a realtime view of changes as you’re making them, with a rich library of pre-installed native plugins to test every feature of your app.

It’s basically ionic serve with native support, running on all your devices.

Check it out:

The Problem with Local Testing Today

One of the biggest challenges of testing apps in development is the time and effort it takes to setup and maintain your development environment. In order to see your app running on a device, you need to have all of the native dependencies installed (XCode, Android Studio, Cordova, etc) and properly configure your phone or tablet. That’s one reason Ionic developers have come to love the ionic serve command: run “ionic serve” from the CLI and your app instantly appears in the browser.

But we know that browser testing – with all its speed, simplicity, and convenience – isn’t the same as seeing your app on an actual device. Not only do you miss how your app looks on a phone or tablet, you don’t have access to all the native features to see the full functionality of your app.

A Better Way to Test Apps in Development

We built DevApp to solve this problem. Ionic DevApp brings the rapid development experience of the web browser to native apps to provide one of the fastest mobile development experiences out there. That means:

  • LiveReload to see changes as you’re making them. DevApp allows you to see your changes immediately on any devices running DevApp, as soon as you make them in-code.
  • No native dependencies. Viewing your app on a device requires nothing but the “ionic serve” command. There are no native dependencies like Xcode or Android Studio, and no need to set up profiles on your devices.
  • Preinstalled native plugins. A rich library of the most common Cordova plugins come preinstalled with DevApp, allowing you to test the full native functionality of your app.
  • iOS and Android support. DevApp runs on any current Android or iOS device. You can view your apps and test changes simultaneously across phones and tablets. It also allows anyone to develop on an iOS device from a Windows machine.
  • Auto-discovery of apps running locally. DevApp connects to your WiFi network and automatically scans and listens for the “ionic serve” command in order to load and display apps that you want to test.

Getting Started with DevApp

1) First, make sure you have the latest version of the Ionic CLI by running npm install -g ionic.

2) Install the the Ionic DevApp. DevApp is available for Android here on the Play Store and for iOS on the App Store.

3) Connect your device and your development computer to the same WiFi network.

4) Open up DevApp on your device.

5) Run ionic serve on your computer to serve your app. You should then see the app you are serving pop up on the DevApp.

6) Click on your app and boom, you now have a development version of your app running on your device complete with LiveReload and cordova plugin support.

What about Ionic View?

Ionic View will continue to be the official way to share your app with others. In fact, we have recently pushed a big update to Ionic View that you can read more about here.

To better cover the local development use case that a lot of developers were using Ionic View for, we decided to split Ionic View into two apps: Ionic DevApp for local development and Ionic View for sharing your app with others.


The whole Ionic team has been using the new DevApp for our own internal development, and it’s been a hit. In fact, we used DevApp to develop DevApp!. We’re confident you’re going to love it, too.

The DevApp is really new, and we’d love your feedback. If you have any thoughts or run into any issues while using the app, please share it with us on the Feedback Mega thread on the Ionic Forum.

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  • Gregor Srdic

    I am running app on Android, is it possible to debug with google chrome development tools?

    • Matt Kremer

      Hey there! Right now debugging from the app isn’t possible yet. It may be something that we can add to the Android version in the future though, we’re looking into it already 🙂

      • David Frahm

        Could you still plug in the Android device via USB to use DevTools remote devices? I’m not near a cable to test it, but wanted to mention the idea.

        • Dave Clarkson

          Doesn’t work as the app runs within the DevApp.. app. So unless DevApp is debuggable it won’t work.

      • Samiullah Khan

        For me adding chrome dev tools would save much of my time.

      • Gregor Srdic

        I can imagine that is a big challenge, as well as providing Cordova plugin support. Nonetheless it’s like magic when you see the apps detected and refreshed over the Wi-Fi in real time. Must love Ionic altogether 🙂

      • Sampath Lokuge

        This is a must needed feature. We have huge trust about Ionic team. We’re awaiting for that feature 🙂

  • Dario Cristhian Cabral

    Awesome, just now testing my app with this new tool!!!
    Congratulations and thank you!!

  • Pedro Costa

    thanks thanks best comunity , congratulations , i just love ionic

  • David Compton

    I’m just trying out the Dev App now – love the concept! Unfortunately I’ve come across what I expect to be CORS issues straight away – related to where my data (pouchdb/couchdb) and files (web server) are located. What URL & port do I need to add to my CORS settings to make this work?

    • Nhexia

      I do experience CORS problem but fixed. i think look for other solution if you encounter it

      • David Compton

        How did you fix your CORS problem?

        • Eric Wang

          Not sure what you are using, but if you are trying to call an API using angular http, it won’t work with WKWebView in IOS, two ways to get around it: 1. You have to switch to using ionic native http, this won’t work in the browser and ionic view, but it will work once you download the app. (i just tested inside DevApp as well, not working properly as well “Network Erro”) 2. Modify your server API to allow CORS if you have control over it.

    • John Woodruff

      According to the blog post on WKWebView, ( you need to add the following entry:

      Origin: http://localhost:8080

      • David Compton

        Thanks for your reply John. Unfortunately I already have that origin in my CORS setup.

  • Finz Aiko

    Great thanks !

  • Nelson Bwogora

    awesome news , thanks a bunch

  • Sampath Lokuge

    Great news 🙂 But can you tell me how this works? I have android device and Win 8.1 PC. What else do I need? iOS phone? `It also allows anyone to develop on an iOS device from a Windows machine`

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! The app works by talking over a network socket to the CLI. All you have to do is run `ionic serve` and the app will show the app your serving. If you wanted to develop on an iOS device yep, you would need an iOS device.

      • Sampath Lokuge

        Hey Justin, Now it is very clear for me. Thanks 🙂 One question: Can I debug ts/html/css files using devapp? If not when you’ll give that feature for us? Keep up the Great work 🙂

  • Krish

    @mattkremer:disqus This tool looks promising !! I’m trying to run my app on both iOS and Android device but the app never loads on DevAPP, it keeps on saying Listening for apps on your network…

    Is there any extra config on dev machine ? or is it available only for IonicPro ?

    • Jorge Vergara

      Have you already updated the latest CLI?

      • Todd Hale

        I have the same problem, with the latest CLI. Likely a corporate WiFi restriction

        • Jorge Vergara

          I’m on my home WiFi and had that problem the first few times I tried it, it appears to have fixed it self ’cause I haven’t experienced it again

          • Cornelius Notohamiprodjo

            It does not work for me. Tried many times but kept listening. Am I missing something? I am on a home wifi

        • Todd Hale

          Mine does work on my home WiFi. 👍 Will try again at work tomorrow.

  • Andreas Wenger

    Great app! Does it only support portrait orientation? I can not rotate my app to landscape (in Ionic View, I can).

  • Brian Beaird

    How does this work with multiple developers running the app on the same network? How would the device know which instance to connect to?

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! Are you saying multiple developers serving the same app?

      • Brian Beaird

        Yes, we’ve got 3 devs working on different pieces of the same app and we’ll all be running ionic serve at the same time. Does Ionic DevApp recognize multiple instances and give you the choice of which one to connect to?

    • Brian Beaird

      Nevermind – I just tried it, and the app will show you all instances it can find, so you can choose which one you want to connect to

  • Vector

    Nice app, especially for simple apps. Looks like it doesn’t work for more complex ones. The app I’m developing uses Facebook login and Google Plus plugins for authentication, neither of which work when running on DevApp. I hope there’s support for additional plugins in the future.
    Great work, guys. Keep it up!

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! We are working on adding more plugins. Here is a list of the plugins we currently support

      • Vector

        Thanks for the update, Justin. Keep up the good work!

      • Renan Vital

        This plugins working only in pro account?

        • Sampath Lokuge

          No need Pro.You just need Ionic free account.

          • Renan Vital


      • Moataz El Gamal

        Will there be a way to dynamically load the cordova plugins used in the project? There will always be a missing plugin otherwise. If I use ionic run –livereload all the plugins get compiled and loaded with the ability to edit while using the app. I wish something like that can be achieved with ionicdev but I know it is hard. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great tools!

      • Renan

        Supporting facebook plugin would be super… 🙂

      • Noah Neibaron

        We have an iBeacon app, are there plans to add this plugin soon?

    • yesimahuman

      This is tough because those plugins currently require your info at plugin install time, and since the DevApp is its own “app,” we haven’t figured out yet how to let those be overridden. We’re looking into it.

    • Troy M Koss

      Facebook plugin would single handedly be the greatest plugin add!

  • cocowalla

    Sounds great if it works 🙂

    – Will this work on locked down corporate networks?

    – What firewall ports are required to be opened?

    – Are all Ionic Native plugins supported, or only a subset? Is there any way to work with plugins that aren’t supported today?

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! I am working on getting some official answers on your first two questions but on your last question about plugin support: You can check out this list to see which plugins we support (: Were also working on adding more plugins to that list.

      • cocowalla

        Hi, any news on those official answers?

  • Davo

    Even if I face a white screen of death 😉 I really found the idea super duper cool. Looking forward to the next release!

    • Andrew Bruce

      Also have the white screen of death

  • Richard

    Thank you 😀

  • Jobin Jose

    Cool You guys Rocks!!, One more reason to love ionic

  • Devotoare

    Is it possible to view the console logs from the app using DevApp? That’s all I’ve ever wanted in building for iOS on Windows.

    • Alexandre Weber

      Have you ever tried chrome://inspect/ to see the console logs?

  • Saqib Ali

    Great, we really needs it for quick app development. Thank you 🙂

  • Brian Beaird

    Is there any way we could get an option to manually specify an IP to connect to for searching for a running ionic server? Our phones typically connect on a slightly different subnet than our dev machines, so the automatic search can’t find them.

    • yesimahuman

      This is a great idea and we’ve got it on the list!

  • Preshy

    This is aweeeesssoomeee!!

  • Ross Rawlins

    If you guys can get the dev app to allow a person to debug you will own the world.

    • Dewald If Els

      I was just about to ask how am i suppose to debug 🙂 My Safari won’t recognize the webview 🙁

      • Nazır Dogan

        I m also facing this problem. I think its come with iOS 11. I restart safari couple of times . it recognize .weird issue 😀

    • Sampath Lokuge

      True.We must need debugging feature. Otherwise I cannot see any difference between View app and Dev app. Since we’re developers we need debugging feature. Ionic team please tell us your feedback about this?

    • yesimahuman

      This is a hard problem and might not be possible at all (especially on iOS). However, even if we can get Android debugging support that would be a win. We’re looking into it!

  • Mr.Floppy

    I don’t really get the advantages of the DevApp compared with “ionic cordova run –device –livereload”?
    Sure you don’t need to plug in the device via USB and you only serve once to multiple devices. But you also lose the debugging via USB with Chrome Inspector for instance.
    Is there anything I’m missing here?

    • Sampath Lokuge

      Yes, We must need this feature (i.e. debugging) on Devapp. Hope we’ll have it soon?

    • yesimahuman

      There are some important benefits. First, you don’t need to bother with the native SDK installs which many people struggle with. You can also test on iOS devices from windows/Linux. We’re working on the debug story but if you accept the limitations it can be a faster way to test and debug, especially with CSS.

      This is version 1. We’re excited about making this better, thanks for the feedback!

  • Ian Liu

    awesome !! very useful feature

  • Raphael Vitor

    Muito foda resolveu os problemas atuais com o framework. Congratulations and good work!

  • Bonny

    This is what I have been waiting for after seeing how react native was doing development. Good Job.

  • Mario Estrada

    Great App, similar to Ionic View . However, https:// end points, access is a big problem for a simple app. Ionic view & Dev App work well for ios but not for android at least in my case.

    • Norbert Györög

      Yes, it works on ios, but on android (7) it does not get the required permissions. Geolocation in my case. And the network-information plugin does not detect any working network, wifi in my case.

      • Mario Estrada

        Yes, I discovered one important feature . It is that this app run your app as if it was signed and ready for production, thus all the permissions required by Android by –prod –release (compiled) apks applied for the App being developed. (cors, file permissions, permissions on plug-ins etc.)

    • yesimahuman

      Are you referring to CORS? There are some comments here but you’d need to add localhost:8080 to the API’s allowed origins

      • Mario Estrada

        Well, after a couple of days working with this issue I found the reasons and solutions. I posted on ionic forum, but here it is.

        “**In reality it was my problem and the lack of knowledge on the actual behavior of ionic dev app. Maybe it can help some one else.**”

        Summary of Ionic DevApp problems and Ionic View App for Pro, getting a URL(Cors, Unsigned Certs, No Certs, Missing a Ca Cert etc.)

        Both APP work great!, but I discovered the following principles:

        Whatever runs inside of it, it is treated like a real signed APP for
        Android. Meaning that it will strictly enforce that any URL you are
        accessing not only has a valid COR response but also it has to be https
        and their certificate has to pass the test of any sslchecker tool on the
        web, any error, it will give you back Network 0 error.

        In the case, You don’t control the back-end for now and in the mean
        time, you are planning to develop using this nice tool. then you can use
        the @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy plugin and
        configure it as follows: This will help you not getting any error during
        development time, but keep in mind that if you publish to Ionic PRO it
        won’t work, because your URL end point still might have problems.

        inside ionic.config.json , you can add the following: note the comma
        (,) before proxies, since you are just adding another element to it just
        before the last } .


        “proxies”: [


        “path”: “/localserver”,

        “proxyUrl”: “”,

        “rejectUnauthorized” : false



        Notes; If you build a debug-apk , it won’t check the 100% valid of
        the ssl cert of the end-point, it is only until you build a –prod
        –release and signed it , that you will come up with a surprise that it
        won’t work.

  • arthur spitznagel

    Very usefull !

  • Gemma Stephen

    But… Can you debug the app? Doesn’t come up in Chrome inspector tools 🙁

  • Abhishek Jain

    Doesn’t seem to work on my Ionic v1 apps 🙁

  • Manish Sankari

    Awesome Thank you.

  • Martin Čihák

    Nice guys!!
    But if I use this app and ionic serve, on Android I have only white blank screen and on iOS is everything working. Is there any way to debug what is wrong on android device?

  • Guillaume

    Here is my setup:
    – MacBook pro running an ionic serve in a project
    – Android device with a custom build (non-commercial stuff, device sold by my company), no Play Store
    – iPhone 8+ with data and personal hotspot

    I found the apk of the app and installed on the Android device, then connected both my Mac and the Android device on the same wifi (home wifi). The DevApp did not show any app.
    I then tried to use my iPhone hotspot to share wifi connection, but still nothing showed.
    Finally I downloaded DevApp on my iPhone, connected to same home WIFI as my Mac (and Android device) and tada the app appears on the iPhone.

    So is it something to do with firewall on the Android device that it cannot see the app while the iPhone can (on the same network)?

  • 합격

    Dev App does not work.
    Same wi-fi network ( Device , Computer )
    What should i do? Please help me.

    • Danny Francken

      Have you tried restarting the DevApp? I run into a similar issue and so I closed out of the devapp, re-ran `ionic serve` and then launched the DevApp again.

      • wei zhao

        i got the same problem,and done all of things as your suggested,but still not working;what should i do?sos

      • Santiago Restrepo Burgos

        I have the same problem too. What happend?

  • Abu Nj

    Very Usefull , Thank you ionic team, But i want to inspect elements running on devApp ? how to do that?

    • yesimahuman

      Not possible until we figure out remote debugging. See my comment higher up for more thoughts.

  • Thomas Kemmer

    Anybody else running into this on Android?
    [18:47:50] console.log: Angular is running in the development mode. Call enableProdMode() to enable the production
    [18:47:51] console.log: deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.
    [18:47:51] console.log: Channel not fired: onFileSystemPathsReady
    [18:47:51] console.warn: Ionic Native: deviceready did not fire within 5000ms. This can happen when plugins are in an
    inconsistent state. Try removing plugins from plugins/ and reinstalling them.

    Seems like `deviceready` never gets fired…

  • Soso

    love the idea!

  • Remi Sture

    This is really cool!

  • Chris Pugliese

    I can’t get it to work, any clues?

    Runtime Error
    Uncaught (in promise): plugin_not_installed

    [email protected]://
    [email protected]://
    [email protected]://
    [email protected]://
    [email protected]://
    [email protected]://

    Ionic Framework: ^3.8.0
    Ionic App Scripts: 3.0.1
    Angular Core: 4.4.4
    Angular Compiler CLI: 4.4.4
    Node: 6.11.5
    OS Platform: macOS High Sierra
    Navigator Platform: MacIntel
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 9_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0 Mobile/13B143 Safari/601.1

  • Fellipe Augusto

    when I tested using IOS and cordava gave this error:
    Runtime Error
    Network Error

  • Michael Sevestre

    This is a fantastic tool. Congrats and thanks for sharing

  • Guna Sekhar

    In Android, when I try to login in DevApp it is moving to splash screen again.

  • Aaron Luna

    Very useful, thanks.

  • Javier Conde

    Hi, good work team!
    I having this problem, when i start the app and run ionic serve, debugging the my android device i see this error and not discover my app

    11-11 11:32:21.929: I/chromium(28864): [INFO:CONSOLE(80)] “DB opened: ___idevapp_”, source: file:///android_asset/www/plugins/cordova-sqlite-storage/www/SQLitePlugin.js (80)
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): java.sql.SQLException: sqlite3_step failure: cannot rollback – no transaction is active
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at io.liteglue.SQLiteGlueConnection$SQLGStatement.step(
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLiteConnectorDatabase.executeSQLiteStatement(
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLiteConnectorDatabase.executeSqlBatch(
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLitePlugin$
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    11-11 11:32:21.937: W/System.err(28864): at
    11-11 11:32:21.937: V/executeSqlBatch(28864): SQLitePlugin.executeSql[Batch](): Error=sqlite3_step failure: cannot rollback – no transaction is active
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): java.sql.SQLException: sqlite3_step failure: cannot rollback – no transaction is active
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at io.liteglue.SQLiteGlueConnection$SQLGStatement.step(
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLiteConnectorDatabase.executeSQLiteStatement(
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLiteConnectorDatabase.executeSqlBatch(
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at io.sqlc.SQLitePlugin$
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    11-11 11:32:21.938: W/System.err(28864): at
    11-11 11:32:21.938: V/executeSqlBatch(28864): SQLitePlugin.executeSql[Batch](): SQL Error code = 1 message = sqlite3_step failure: cannot rollback – no transaction is active
    11-11 11:32:21.964: I/App(28864): WARNING: Back Button Default Behavior will be overridden. The backbutton event will be fired!

  • Cesar Vega

    this looks like the native-script playground

  • Charles

    Awesome !!! So good !! Thank you all !! It gonna change my life forever !!!

  • Santiago Restrepo Burgos

    Dev App does not work.
    Same wi-fi network ( Device , Computer )

    I re-run all. Restart my computer and my cellphone.

    What should i do? Please help me.

  • Victor Oriko

    This is amazing milestone in Ionic Development Environment. I am eagerly waiting for the debugging feature to be made possible even if it’s for Android only. Amazing team.

  • Ajay Vavdiya

    if i have windows pc and i want to debug or run in iphone then not working.

  • Jean Edouard Tcheck

    Extraordinary work. Hoping that the google-maps plugin is included in the next version

  • Petar Lalosevic

    How i can explore inspect element in devapp? 🙂

  • Gabrielle Cozart

    I am not getting anything to work with ionic dev app. I am connected to the same network, have the newest version of ionic installed, tried serving different projects, nothing works. It just has that loader on the bottom that says Listening for apps on your network. I do see in the terminal that it’s connecting to DevApp but it’s not displaying on my phone.

  • Ka Lok Lam

    Hi, there.
    I am facing a problem, when i trying to use DevApp to test my ionic app on IOS (iphone7)
    sometime it will comes up an error as follow:

    Please help, many thanks

  • Nimai

    Regarding pluginc cordova-plugin-facebook4, is there a technical reason why this plugin can never be supported through DevApp? Or, is it just a matter of time and priorities? Thanks!

  • Ben Chiciudean

    is there a way to use my custom cordova plugins with DevApp?

  • Max Gomes

    Some of my apps works fine, some shows up a white screen.

  • Amaury DEFRANCE

    Working Great for me. Thank you Ionic Team !

  • Tony Awad

    Hello, I first want to say great article and was wondering if you can help me find the discovery service you are using? (discovers endpoints on the network) Hoping it’s open source and under MIT. Thank you!

  • Rahul Pipaliya

    I got
    webpage not available , when I click on running apps.

    • Lisa Tardy

      quelles applications ?

    • Lisa Tardy

      de quoi tu me parles je ne comprends pas ?

      • Rahul Pipaliya

        It’s about Ionic Apps

        • Lisa Tardy


  • Emrah Kondur

    I can’t test native plugins with devApp, for example flashlight, Which native functionalities are useable with devApp?

  • Cristian Duro Baenas

    Love DevAPP and View app for a long time now. It’s incredible. But…one quick question…is there a possibility to implement google plus & Facebook native plugins inside DevApp or View app anytime soon?

    It would be very useful, because I need to share my app with that implementation and is not possible for now. 🙁

    many thanks!

  • Dilip Sankar Muthukurussimana

    I have the latest ionic3 and DevApp. I ran `ionic serve` and then it obediently showed up in the DevApp (and of course its running in the browser without any issues). However after I selected the app in DevApp, it waited for a minute or two to finally show up this error:

    And this is there in my git-bash prompt on my Windows 10:
    $ ionic serve
    Starting app-scripts server: –address –port 8100 –livereload-port 35729 –dev-logger-port 53703 –nobrowser – Ctrl+C to cancel
    [19:25:52] watch started …
    [19:25:52] build dev started …
    [19:25:52] clean started …
    [19:25:52] clean finished in 5 ms
    [19:25:52] copy started …
    [19:25:52] deeplinks started …
    [19:25:52] deeplinks finished in 21 ms
    [19:25:52] transpile started …
    [19:25:55] transpile finished in 3.50 s
    [19:25:55] preprocess started …
    [19:25:55] preprocess finished in less than 1 ms
    [19:25:55] webpack started …
    [19:25:55] copy finished in 3.75 s
    [19:26:00] webpack finished in 5.04 s
    [19:26:00] sass started …
    Without `from` option PostCSS could generate wrong source map and will not find Browserslist config. Set it to CSS file path or to `undefined` to prevent this warning.
    [19:26:01] sass finished in 847 ms
    [19:26:01] postprocess started …
    [19:26:01] postprocess finished in 7 ms
    [19:26:01] lint started …
    [19:26:01] build dev finished in 9.49 s
    [19:26:01] watch ready in 9.57 s
    [19:26:01] dev server running: http://localhost:8100/

    [OK] Development server running!
    Local: http://localhost:8100
    DevApp: [email protected] on DILIP-ASUS

    [19:26:05] tslint: D:/KVSOPC/Mobile/dWeather/src/pages/settings/settings.ts, line: 31
    ‘loc’ is declared but its value is never read.

    L30: saveForm() {
    L31: let loc =;
    L32: //‘loc’, loc);

    [19:26:05] tslint: D:/KVSOPC/Mobile/dWeather/src/pages/home/home.ts, line: 3
    All imports on this line are unused.

    L2: import { NavController } from ‘ionic-angular’;
    L3: import { WeatherProvider } from ‘../../providers/weather/weather’;
    L4: import { Storage } from ‘@ionic/storage’;

    [19:26:05] lint finished in 3.42 s

    Please help…