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  • Obi

    Keep up the good work!

  • Rick

    Nice, thank you !

  • Daniel Marc Ehrhardt


  • Slash

    I’m a early bird tester and I love the new cli. Great work to the team 🙂

  • Thiago Rodrigues

    Thanks! I

  • Juarez Filho

    Excellent work y’all. I just finished to upgrade our app with ZERO issues. Make sure you have the latest and greatest:
    “@ionic/app-scripts”: “1.3.7”,
    “@ionic/cli-plugin-cordova”: “1.0.0”,
    “@ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular”: “1.0.0”
    To the moon, right? 🚀

    • Ben Sperry

      To the moon! 🚀

  • Cyberto

    Great! Thanks for the update

  • TheUnreal

    Sounds great, Testing.

  • Bernardo Gomes


  • David Acevedo I.

    awesome! thanks!

  • Rodinei Fagundes

    Great job guys!

  • Roque

    No problem for me as well. Smooth migration even with a big and ongoing project! Thanks a lot.

    • Ben Sperry

      Great to hear!

  • Javier Albertos

    Thank you!! Great!

  • Roshan Dhabekar

    Good job guys

  • artfanvikram

    That’s great, thank you, will try it

  • Daniel Campagnoli

    Great to see the improvements here! Is there any difference with the cordova commands between calling them directly with cordova or through the ionic command?

    • dwieeb

      It depends on the command. You would want to use `ionic cordova run` vs `cordova run` for our live reload feature (`–livereload`). For the other commands we do some general health checks to offer a bit higher-level API to the Cordova CLI. But in general, if you’re an experienced user, feel free to use Cordova directly!

  • Matthieu Drula

    Good job!

  • vhbsouza

    Great news! I was just waiting an official version =)

  • ndube1990

    Im having the following error when i try to create a new project : Downloading – failed!
    Error: Timeout of 25000ms reached for

    • Weslley Rocha

      me too

      • ndube1990

        I then updated my Cordova and Ionic for a second time and it now works fine. Hope that works for you too

  • Benjamin McMullan

    Love the new CLI, the feedback is so much better than before. Keep up the good work!

    • Ben Sperry

      Thanks! <3

  • Neilor Caldeira

    Hi @dwieeb:disqus!

    Thank you for that amazing progress. I have an question. Do you have plans to integrate with Electron for desktop apps?

    If yes, I hope that I can enjoy this challenge.

  • Ahmed El Shemy

    keep it up guys , i love IONIC ^^

  • Jomar Ocampo

    Greate work, emulate, build and run to device process very fast!

  • Dharmendra Vaishnav

    Good job guys

  • Dov

    I couldn’t figure it out and had to revert back. Perhaps someone can post the sequence of steps to make an optimized build, with perhaps a recommended best practice config.xml and package.json

  • سـ ـهیل


  • Cassiano M

    “With the new CLI, we decided to namespace the Cordova commands (e.g. ionic build is now ionic cordova build). We felt this was a necessary change as Ionic developers are beginning to create Ionic apps for desktop, PWAs, and other platforms.”

    I didn’t get the need for this change, since cordova is known for the creation of mobile apps, if they are beginning to create apps for desktop, PWAs and other platforms you should stick with “ionic build, ionic run”

    Keep the good work!

  • Michael Hoffmann

    It works great and the output is much better to read.
    BUT: Its so much to write in the cli ! e.g.:
    “ionic cordova run android –emulator”
    or “ionic cordova platform add [email protected]

    i wish it would support tab completion (like ng cli )