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  • Simon Grimm

    Awesome job by the whole Ionic team! There’s really much more going on then 1 post could describe. A huge milestone, can’t wait to see the final version out and all the great apps powered with v4 🙂

    • Ben Sperry

      Thanks, Simon! We’re grateful to have you contributing to, and helping grow the Ionic Community! ❤️

  • Sampath Lokuge

    Congratulations! Awesome work! Keep up the great work!
    One question though. I got new app to build from scratch. I’ll start it from coming Monday on wards. This includes native apps (cordova) and web dashboard app. So can I start it using Ionic 4 beta? Will I have in trouble? This is around 3 months project. So your feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Max, Ionic CEO

    Just want to thank the community for your patience, help testing the early alphas, and belief in the vision we have for the project.

    Ionic 4 is a pretty big bet on the future of the open web, and it also sets the project on a new trajectory. We’re all excited about being able to focus more on our components and less on tooling and framework integration that is best left to those respective projects.

    We’ve got a ways to go still, but we are confident you’ll find v4 a big upgrade and, over the long term, a major win for the stability and quality of the framework.

    Finally, a huge shout out to the team that did an amazing work on this, despite ups and downs and lots of curveballs thrown at us on the technology side. You all did amazing work and are paving the way for the future of web standards!

    Cheers! 🍻

    • Ben Sperry

      In other words… to the moon! 🚀

    • faraazc

      Love u so much

    • ✔️ Paulo, o Pássaro Cubo™️ ✔️

      Amazing news Max! Keep the good work for the community 🙂

    • trystesire

      Yeaaah! Great news, we couldn’t wait for this release. Especially for the routing updates, finally we can have a code base consistent across all target (web, electron and mobile).
      A huge plus for us!
      Thank to all team

    • Justine Lance T. Mojal

      naaaa segwenyaa mamahitibaba. Lmaooo

  • elAhmo

    Great news! Can you tell me, what are the ‘rough’ estimates for the RC release? I am starting one project, so I am wondering, shall I use 3 or go all in with 4 if the non-beta release is coming in following weeks.

    • Parth Modi

      +1 Same question…. I am also starting with new ionic project .. Should i create a new one with latest ionic 4 beta?

    • Akash Pal

      yes same question as above.

  • Mobile Hackers

    Well done ionic team 💪and welcome to ionic 4 into our big family 🍼🔥

  • solojuve1897

    So, now one waits for Vue.js support

  • Fabian

    OHYEAAAAH!! Awesome job!!

  • Matthieu Drula

    Great work!
    I was already in love with the v3 documentation, the new one is so slick and polished.

  • Jiyuu

    Great work Ionic team! Looking forward to more information on performance and LTS (top considerations for our large company)
    We might use the v4 for our next mobile app ; previous apps (back in 2014 to today) have been build using v1 for stability sake.

  • Troy DC Thompson

    It’s Christmas in July! Thank you all for your hard work. Can’t wait digitize the future with Ionic

  • Sridhar Tirumala

    migration guide link not working

    • Perry Govier

      Oh no! Which link? We link to it in a few places and I’m having trouble finding a broken one. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Gregor Srdic

    thanks guys, you are awesome!

  • Sundara Vel

    Good Work Guys..!

  • Miguel Carrasco Q.

    A lot to read/study in this new release. Cool! keep it up guys…

  • Mirza Ilhami

    Well done team, can not wait the v4 final release. You are rock guys 🙂

  • Martin Freire

    Great news!!!! I’m really excited to look at the docs. Quick question, will Creator build V4 Angular apps?

    • Max, Ionic CEO

      For Creator, the answer is most likely no. However, we are working on a new tool we haven’t announced that uses v4, so over the long term I hope that answer is “yes.”

      • ✔️ Paulo, o Pássaro Cubo™️ ✔️

        Spoiler alert 🙂

      • Martin Freire

        Excellent news!! thank you all for your great work!!

      • Marcel Caspar

        When can we expect this new tool?

  • Mike Barwick

    Will this work with Vue.js now?

    • Perry Govier

      I don’t want to speak out of turn, but yes. The big trick is to add the `ignoredElements` config, like discussed in the link below. It’s not officially supported, so there may be some bugs, particularly with navigation, but most of the basic components just work.

      • Ethiel Adiassa

        ok thanks for the reply. Now how to run the project on a specific platform with Vue.js after using Ionic omponents please ?

  • ✔️ Paulo, o Pássaro Cubo™️ ✔️

    Amazing news!

  • Kyle A

    This is awesome, I can’t wait to start testing things out! Any plans on integrating environment variables similar to Angular’s CLI so we can easily build for production ?

  • Jonathan Ekwempu

    Great job. Kudos to the team.

  • jabrantes

    Congratulations on the great work!

  • Gbolade Ogunfowote

    great work guys, thanks a mil!

  • Finz Aiko

    Wowww awesome, keep great work !

  • Akil

    Is there a guide to migrate ionic v1 apps (with angularjs) to use ionic v4?

    • Jawed Shukury

      Maybe re-write your app…. lol

      • Akil

        I might not have to, looking at just replacing some ionic v1 components with some ionic v4 web components

  • zhangwenli

    Great work! Any potential to lose local storage data for this update?

  • gtRocker

    Great job on releasing the beta 🙂 Does a new v4 project uses Capacitor by default? Did not see any mention of that in the blog post.

    • Max, Ionic CEO

      No, it uses Cordova by default though Capacitor is an option. Capacitor is on its own release process and we are keeping the projects separate for now. Our goal is to have it be a first-class option for when we go 4.0 final, though we probably won’t make it the default then either to reduce the amount of changes.

      • gtRocker

        Thanks for clarifying, makes sense.

  • disqus_vQIGQOU8HU

    Wow great job 🙂

    So if we’re using `ionic start myApp tabs –type=angular` are those pages stencil components or angular components?

  • Senthil R

    Awesome Great job Thank you

  • Jiyuu

    One more question please: does introduction of CSS variables mean that SASS will not be used anymore?

  • abuassar

    congratulations! I’ve been waiting for the beta since forever 🙂

    I just tried the new cli with a test app, and I noticed that it has a few deprecated libs:

    WARN deprecated [email protected]: All versions below 4.0.1 of Nodemailer are deprecated.
    WARN deprecated [email protected].0: stop using this version.
    WARN deprecated [email protected]: Use uuid module instead.

    will these libs be upgraded for the final 4.0?

  • Waleed Shaukat


    Thanks for the new release guys. It was much awaited.

    One thing though: I have gone through the docs but haven’t found any information of v4 supporting other front-end technologies like React. Can there be at least brief guide on how to setup ionic newer version with React or Vue?

    The very notion of the latest release’s ability to be compatible with React really excited a lot of developers including me. I hope you publish few articles regarding it!

  • Var

    Thanks for pushing v4 … Would warn others that now you must use npm install -g ionic with a version number as @latest will install v4. If you want your project to stay v3 .. you need to now pay attention or you’ll end up having to back track.

  • Ahmad Alfy

    OK boys, it’s time to test!

  • Abu Nj

    Well done Ionic Team, waited for this around 100 years

  • Zelda

    can you we create Vanilla JS projects with ionic v4

  • Henry Reyes

    A serious question, why nobody takes care of the forum anymore?

  • Xinhu Liu

    Support for Windows UWP is gone?

    • Matt Netkow, Ionic Team

      Hi, in regards to Platform theming, yes. We’re focusing on the platforms that have the most usage. At present, that’s iOS and Android. Any platform that is not either of those uses material design by default. That said, Ionic PWAs can be ran on Windows 10+, so deploying your Ionic app to Windows is absolutely still possible. see here:

  • abdulbasitnawab

    Highly appreciated new version is highly awaited.

  • anil

    From My End
    1. Please try to implement Splashscreen animation (Like Supports gif images) .
    2. Create much icons (there is no Gender, Categories,Age,etc icon in icons)
    3. Toggle Header and footer and Tabs when we scroll data
    4. Design should exactly support for both Android and iOS

  • Daniel Sig

    Worst news I’ve got all year, no joke. Using
    Ionic Package cloud service for ionic 3 builds is now impossible. I love it that they’re trying to improve ionic, but forcing everyone who uses Ionic Package to use some half-finished broken beta with no way of using the old CLI and build process is not cool.

  • guzuomuse

    server side rendering is so important. i want to know whether the v4 will support it or not?

  • Michael Nnamdi Onubogu

    This is pretty dope!

  • xiwi

    How is going guys? Any release date?

  • Fernando Herrera

    Do you know when is going to be out of beta? I want to create some video courses about this new version!

  • Parshav Shah

    Thank you for new version of this amazing platform !

  • Santosh Hegde

    When can we expect it as production ready?

  • Blowsie

    Really great news, and exciting for those that don’t use or have left Angular. Something to consider with the move to Web Components is the amount of applications now using SSR. Will the polyfills work at a server level?

  • Obay Abd Algader

    I just started learning Angular, and saw this. Being a back-end developer for two years, and just saw this new world of Angular/React stuff + Ionic made me excited 😀