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  • davidgeller

    Great news on the update and thanks for all the work!

    I have a suggestion for the blog posts – especially those related to updates. How about a standard section in all release/update-related posts that provide very clear instructions for updating. You’re all more familiar with your own platform than many of us are and sometimes it’s a little challenging know what to update, how, etc. And, if it’s a standard section with a standard header we can quickly find it in any post and then following the included instructions, step-by-step. Even if those instructions are a link to details in github, having them in the post will prove useful and appreciated by many.

  • Christopher Palmer

    Great job guys this looks really fantastic. Already noticed that Tslint bug go away!

  • Rashid NK

    why rm -rf node_modules??

    after following ur instruction to upgrade ionic serve returned error cannot find typescript

    • Natanael Osorio

      Do a “npm install”.

  • Daniel Marc Ehrhardt

    Yearr Awesommee!! 🙂

  • Micah Williamson

    Smaller and faster is always good news

  • Rashid NK

    ionic-lab is awesome

  • Sampath Lokuge

    Keep up the grate work.Thank you 🙂

  • Nicholas Ng

    Hope to have more performance updates and hopefully we can catch up the performance just like native one day 🙂

  • Chris de Lambert

    Great work and thank you! Always exciting to get any speed improvements during dev. Just wondering – is anyone getting tslint errors after these updates? Every page that is using OnInit or AfterViewChecked has an error saying they are declared but not used, when in fact they are being used. App runs fine however….

  • Chad

    Very exciting news across the board! I have one question, with the Stencil tool, are you utilizing any of these tools: Polyfills, Polymer, React, vuejs, etc? Or are you purely writing Web Components ala
    I am trying to get a better picture under the hood.
    Thanks in advance,

    • danbucholtz

      Stencil outputs vanilla web components. They could be run within the context of any other JS framework, or in a stand-alone fashion.

      • Chad

        Fantastic, thank you. I just saw a @stenciljs on twitter and followed. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Diana

    Hi. I’m confused about this Ionic 3.5.3 (ionic) vs the other repository that is on 3.5.0 (ionic-cli). What is the difference between them because the Getting Started link from the 3.5.3 (Ionic) shows installation of “npm -g install ionic” which installs the ionic-cli (3.5.0). Thank you.

    • Jan Piotrowski

      One is ionic-angular, the Framework (at version 3.5.3), and the other is ionic-cli, the command line tool (at version 3.5 right now) used to build things with the Framework. You install the CLI manually, the Framework comes automatically when you create an app with `ionic start`.

  • Jiyuu

    Great job Ionites!
    Any plan to release a 1.3.4 or 1.4.0 for Ionic v1? Several PRs are pending 🙂 and some nasty bugs are present since Ionic v1.3.1 (may 2016!)

  • napcat

    Getting a lot of false positives (more than 40):

    L3: import { Component, OnInit } from “@angular/core”;

    ‘OnInit’ is declared but never used.

    Maybe bad tslint ?