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  • Zaier

    Have you any officielle eBook like the manning’s ebook about Ionic1 “Ionic in Action”.
    Last year I purchased it as a meap version and it helped me so much…

    • Chris Griffith

      I am currently authoring an Ionic 2 book for O’Reilly. An Early Release version should be coming soon….

      • Localism

        NICE. Looking forward to the book release. I would like to see the final edit before publication, if you want feedback.

  • Stefan

    Wow Desktop/Electron Support! This is absolutely awesome!

  • Luke

    Looks great. What about ionic-platform-web-client support for v2? I need me some push notifications. : )

  • rido min

    if you want to use Visual Studio 2015 to edit Ionic 2 apps, make sure you have the latest tools installed, as described here

  • forextor

    The DateTime component is awesome… very impressive!. Also yay for the Electron and Desktop support!

  • Eran Levi

    Great News!

  • Ferri Sutanto

    cant wait about electron support 😀

  • Sagiv Frankel

    Any prospects for Ionic2 support for Ionic Platform?

  • Yosi Kalmanson

    What are your plans related to supporting mobile-web? I created both our App and our mobile site ( using Ionic V1. Developing the app was a breeze. However, using Ionic for mobile website is more complicated. One major downside is that the browser address bar (both on Safari and Chrome) doesn’t hide when scrolling.

  • Sagiv Frankel

    Running step2 of the update results in `npm ERR! user sagivfrankel is not allowed to access package @angular/common : @angular/common`

    • Sagiv Frankel

      Found the problem – my registry was pointing to my companies private registry.

      npm config set registry

  • Dave Shirman

    Great work, thanks. Updating following these instructions was a breeze.

  • Jiyuu

    Interesting to see desktop web support… but why is there still – almost – nothing for tablets? (which are mobile)

  • Rick Li

    Will PWA adoption improve Ionic2 app in a significant way ?

  • Cage

    Hi, it would be great to have support for other libraries, like ReactJS or EnyoJs. Angular2 is looking like a complicated mess compared to other frameworks and we would love to use Ionic2.

  • Slash

    Are there more infos about “Desktop web support”, I’m still not sure how to implement traditional destkop-style web apps with ionic2.