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  • Jamie Neubert Pedersen

    Looking forward indeed to upgrading my app to Ionic 2

  • Chrisat Syntagm

    Ionic rocks! Thanks.

  • lricoy

    That’s indeed a great step. I am really looking forward. Congrats!

  • Faraz Javaid

    what about windows phone app?

  • xyzhang


  • Alejandro Rangel

    Great news!!! Looking forward to start creating mobile apps with Ionic 2

  • James

    This is great news! Looking forward to start hacking Ionic 2 for my apps.

  • hitmantb

    I am using C3, Moment, Underscore, I can’t find the equivalent library for Angular 2. Does this mean I am out of luck if I try to migrate my app to Ionic 2?

    • yesimahuman

      Hey @hitmantb:disqus, all those libraries will work exactly the same as they do in v1. Just include the script tags and use it as usual. However, if they have angular 1 bindings those won’t work without some tweaks (see ngForward and the like

  • Mariano Pardo

    Awesome! I’ll play with Ionic 2 in a few weeks 🙂

  • Tailesh Bamankar

    looking forwarded for Ionic 2

  • Oo Kang Zheng

    Awesome ~~

  • Mark Tinsley


  • Phillip Mwaniki

    You have not talked about support for windows phone… Is it that it stopped or still under development ?

    • yesimahuman

      Yes! I’ll just leave this here (and stay tuned for a future release)

      • Phillip Mwaniki

        LOL, thanks

  • Alain Boudard

    Hey ! Just testing all the v2 greatness, but wondering :
    – What about the plugins from ngCordova ?
    Are they coming for the new syntax and ng2 app style ?

    Thank you for the awesome !!

  • Teerasej Jiraphatchandej

    You started something great to the world, Thank you!

  • Jean

    Hi, would you recommend starting a new project with ionic 2 today ? Could you give us some kind of roadmap ? Thanks

    • yesimahuman

      Absolutely. It’s ready to be used today if you’re comfortable with the beta flag. We are planning on tracking ng2 closely and will try to release a stable version around the time of ng2 stable.

      As for roadmap: windows support, making Ionic 2 the official way to start projects, bugs and stability and performance, Ionic native. Hope to have that all in a 1.0 state by mid-2016 at the latest

  • Willian Custódio

    Awesome news! It’s available in CDN?

  • Ron Farko

    Seems like the Tutorial template is broken now. I tried few days ago and it was working but today it has a build issue and not building the css.

    Also it seems like in cli v2 “ionic serve” doesn’t refresh the browser when files are changed.

  • Jose G Varanam

    Hi, is any way to separate the app related code from the app.bundle.js that will be easy for debug. How can i create a mobile browser based application using ionic framework.

  • Gerhard Pretorius

    Any news on a planned released date guys?

  • Augusto Gonzalez

    Hello. Where Can I download the most recent version?