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  • Henrik.

    That sounds awesome. Can’t wait for it ❤️

  • http://AutomateLife.TV Mike Lallemont

    If Creator is built using Ionic and is an Electron app anyway, I would love to see it as an Atom plugin. That way I can use my favorite editor and seamlessly use Creator to edit the UI.

  • Sagar Mody

    This is awesome. The vision is in line to my dream-come-true project!
    Kudos to the Amazing Creator Team. Looking forward to see it mature from Alpha -> Beta -> GA 🙂

  • Kathleen Sidenblad

    Thanks for sharing the vision. I think you’re right on track and can’t wait to use the new tools.

  • Matt Jensen

    Been waiting impatiently for 3 export, now I wait impatiently for the desktop app.

    • Matt Kremer

      Hah, I know how you feel 🙂 But definitely check out the Ionic 3 export in the current version of the tool! It’s still a great way to get started, effectively it lets you make your own starter template.

      • Matt Jensen

        For sure! You guys are doing great work, keep it up!

      • radu

        Is it available for non premium users? 🙂 cause i cancelled my subscription since my projects are in stand-by

        • Matt Kremer

          We have free trials of both our Basic & Pro plans you could check out 🙂

  • Gabi Medina

    That looks great, really looking forward to try the desktop app

  • radu

    Wonderfull news… maybe this way with the new editor I manage to start new projects which currently i’m postponing them as I kinda hate to edit code in browser… Looking forward to see an alpha for max osx 😀

  • joshreeder

    Really excited about opening up any local project. Will really bring the Ionic Marketplace to life for beginners and tinkerers and get ideas to market even faster.

    I know this puts an end to possible cloud development environment dreams and real time collaboration (like Codenvy and Cloud9) which has been huge for me as I learn, or hire a Codementor and watch them work or watch one of my developers work, but I’m sure you considered that path and had to rule it out???

    Keep the demo tutorial videos rolling, that’s how I love to learn!

  • Tomer Ben David

    so I can drag and drop components, download edit code, do html and css modifications and javascript then import the project into creator and drag and drop again?

    • Matt Kremer

      Hey! So there’s two point five answers to that question right now:

      1. In the current version of the tool, once you export, you can’t re-import.

      2. In the new desktop version we talked about, you won’t even have to leave to make all of your customizations, there will be a full file system based editor in the tool 🙂

      2.5. If you just like to use your own editor for custom code (in the new desktop version), you can do that too 🙂 There is no concept of “import” or “export” because you’re just working on the local file system the whole time.

  • David Poindexter

    Okay, that is the best Creator news I’ve heard in a long time!!! Thank uou, thank you, thank you! Now when can we get it? LOL

  • Matt Sinex

    This looks amazing! Ionic team, you guys are great at consistently pushing forward with new updates across the board. Super excited for this!

  • Arthur Flôr

    Is really AWESOME. Can’t wait 😮

  • Števka-Lukáš Mitro

    If you integrate to Creator also Ionic Deploy, that would be certainly like a dream!

  • KalK

    So, if I have an existing app, what is the path forward? Can I create a new app, create the new screens, then copy/paste the existing code for each page?

  • Cory M

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • David Frahm

    I’m really excited about this for what it enables. On the other side of this coin, I’m kinda bummed… Pretty sure this kills the ability to use Creator on a Chromebook, which is something I like to do, educators and students like to do, and just seems like a great play for the future IMHO.

  • Ken Nelson

    I’m so happy. Tears of joy are streaming down my face. So looking forward to helping in anyway that I can! I am going to go out on a limb here and suspect that full support for Cordova plugins will be part of the new tool?

  • Nick

    OMG – move in and out of drag and drop? NOW THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!

  • Occams Razor

    Totally unforgivable/irresponsible that there is no migration strategy/path. My greatest fear is that this will Invalidate a lot of documentation /tutorials on the www. So when developers are trying to learn how to do something, they will now have to contend with mixed models of doing thing thus furthering the confusion. All API’s should be branded with version#. A2_getWindow() A3_getWindow(). (Angular 2, Angular 3) That way developers know what vintage of calls are being used in tutorials.

  • Appie

    Sounds fantastic, is this going to be an open source project? So the community can contribute too?

    • Matt Kremer

      We may have an API to add custom components, etc, in the future, but Creator itself will be closed source as it’s one of our paid offerings 😄

    • Anthony Joanes
  • Gassan Jabbar

    Then it will be a desktop application? on windows and mac ?

  • squarepixel

    Will the new creator be a piece of software you purchase or will it be a monthly fee?

  • Hoang Phan

    Could not believe it! My dream comes true! Thanks so much for a great help to the mobile development community.

  • Andy Ide

    This looks like a good step in the right direction.

    I hope creator will work on Ubuntu Linux.

  • Jack Guy

    You’re not running your own text editor are you (that sounds like a lot of work for very little gain)? Any way this could wrap Atom or VSCode instead a la Nuclide?

    • Matt Kremer

      We’re going to be using VS Codes open source editor under the hood 😄 But you’re still free to use whatever editor you’d like alongside the Creator local install since it’s just working off the file system if that makes sense!

  • iPseudoNym

    This is the tool I’ve been waiting for to really make the move forward from Ionic 1. I’m really looking forward to what the future brings.

  • Duart Snel

    AMAZING! <3

  • Naivo

    Wowww just amazing. Even now it is really helpfull. Dream come true 😉

  • Maslow

    Sounds cool. Can’t wait to try this out

  • Nives Miletić

    Good luck to all! 🙂

  • Nick Franklin

    Since moving from XDK to Ionic creator after Intel dropped support for mobile development in favour of IoT, this is great news. It does complicate things somewhat as with the current arrangement, I can work on multiple platforms because it is web-based, now I will need to download the app and copy projects or store them in the cloud. Can you confirm that our monthly subscription will give us access to the app on more than one device, or will the app be a single cost with support and extra for multiple devices.

  • Marcio Alexandre Marcondes


  • soniyj

    This is a great news, I was wondering when Creator would be supporting Ionic 3, here we go. One of the thing would be understanding how much will be the cost of it, because for small business or startup it is quite expensive, a pricing plan like Unity3D or Unreal could help these small business to embrace the Creator as prototyping tool.

  • Jason Scott

    This looks absolutely fantastic and a much needed ‘response’ to the emerging GUI development tools that are out there! I would be really happy to help you guys test this.

  • Sharanagouda K

    Why do you people charge for Auth also from jan 31 2018

  • Jan Piotrowski

    I like the filename of the gif 😉

  • Haythoo

    waw… so awesome.. can’t wait

  • Flavio Passa

    Great news and strategy. Hope to see it in action soon on my desktop computer.

  • Anthony Joanes

    This sounds awesome, I think it’s what I’ve been waiting for to help speed up my private projects…. happy days

  • noazdad

    Wow! I feel 20 years younger! Probably because I was doing this in PowerBuilder in 1998, but still this is a great new direction for Ionic…

  • Mauro

    when do you align Ionic FW (3.5.3) and Creator (3.2 alpha) ?

  • Maciej Szuba

    Looks really nice! Do you expect to release it this year?
    Any chance to sign-up for beta for pro-plan users?

  • David Poindexter

    What’s the status of this desktop Creator? I can hardly wait! 😁

  • Sam Morris

    Ohh yaa this sounds sweet! Build it, build it, build it (chant)

  • Nimai

    I follow Ionic and have been keeping up with what is being worked on, but I haven’t seen any updates in this: “Creator will become a locally downloadable tool with full 100% customizable code editing.” Any news?

  • Dave Hodgson

    Hi guys,

    It was 8 months back the announcement about the locally downloadable creator and I can’t find any updates on it. It sounds like an awesome feature and I would definitely take it up. Have there been any progress updates on when it might come out?

  • Marcus Turneye McTurnbull

    Coming up to 12 months since this announcement…. is this still in the works or has it been canned? We’re starting a couple of new largish projects and this would be awesome for our devs to use – even if still in an alpha/beta!

    • Dermingle

      Same question here – please provide a status.

  • dark4p

    A year has passed and no news about 100% custom code editing and offline use. Any news about this?