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  • Max Gomes

    Nice! Looking forward to try it out!

  • Alejandro

    Sounds cool. Will capacitor work with Ionic1 apps?

    • yesimahuman


  • Martin Spierings

    Is there any demo to try out?

    • yesimahuman

      See above, should have one soon!

  • sudhan

    Can you please give some demo in capacitor. It will very helpful to us.

    • yesimahuman

      Yes we will get on that, stay tuned. 🍻

      • sudhan


  • Alain Boudard

    Whoah, what a project !
    Now, how would you integrate native plugins “into” a PWA on the mobile ?

    • yesimahuman

      We have an API for building web fallbacks for plugins so the same APIs work in the browser if a plugin has its own web implementation

  • Jean Gérard Bousiquot

    Now, I’m interested in how you plan to face React Native in term of speed. Is Capacitor faster than Cordova?

    • Jan Piotrowski

      In what regards exactly is React Native faster than Cordova in your experience? Which measurements are you looking at?

      • Jean Gérard Bousiquot

        First of all React Native is is a real native app. You don’t use the webview for it as in Ionic/Cordova. So navigation, time to launch… are much faster than Ionic.

        I’m an Ionic user, I’m currently learning React Native for that specifically. I need more speed. If Capacitor can give me that speed boost, than I won’t have to switch to React Native or pure native for more complex apps.

        ps: I love Ionic and its ecosystem.

        • yesimahuman

          Thanks Jean. A few ways we are tackling that very problem: ionic 4 will boot a lot faster than ionic 2/3 or 1, and then Capacitor will eventually allow you to use native navigation shell for faster navigation if you wish. The benefit of Capacitor is that same code will work in the browser as a PWA, something that isn’t really the case with other cross platform tools today. Cheers

          • Jean Gérard Bousiquot

            cool thanks!

    • Generic Comment

      Writing plugins in capacitor looks a lot easier, so you could write native code to perform intense calculations rather than using JavaScript. Won’t really benefit UI, but it can definitely improve long calculations.

  • Said Marar

    Well inersting project … i have one question is there a plugin that allows the a service worker run even if the app is closed or task kill by the user ??? I found it in reactnative … but i dont want to switch because i love IONIC

  • Guillaume Aloird

    Nice ! I already love this project 🙂

  • Mike Cerny

    “Another difference is that Capacitor’s JS runtime is meant to be built into your app, providing a cross-platform API translation layer for Native and Web API calls.”

    If the language runtime is built into the app, why limit to JavaScript? Why not a runtime/VM for Ruby, Python, Dart, etc? Clearly this would not apply to PWAs but a hybrid app using Python instead of JavaScript for app logic would open up a world of interesting possibilities. Hopefully the JS runtime part will be a swapable module allowing the use of any number of languages.