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  • C.R.B.

    Hi, if i cant use wildcard in Access-Control-Allow-Origin what i need recive here if i install my app on mobile ?

  • Antonia Hulha

    For more info, read this article:

  • Simon Reimler

    For those who a re looking for a Token-based solution: I made a detailed guide on how to setup user Authentication inside Ionic with AngularJS:

  • Leon Sasson

    Where is `withCredentials` storing the “cookies”? I’m having some of my users spontaneously log out from the app and I believe this could be the root cause.

    • Fredster

      Did you find out where the cookes are stored? I’m wondering the same thing.

  • Shai Snir

    This method works when using browser but when using iOS simulator, I can login and get all the services from the server but once I close the app, the session expires and I get thrown back to login page of my app…
    This behaviour only occurs on IOS and not on any browser…

    • Bartosz BiaƂas

      Hey, did you find a solution for your problem?

  • Trevor Huey

    For people having problems with the session expiring when closing the app, see my post here: My problem was that the cookie didn’t have an expiry set, meaning the browser cleared it on close.

  • Priya R

    Angularjs is the great javascript framework that has some compelling features not for developers but also for the designers. Angularjs is very essential for the web developers to know about its importance.

  • Yur Gasparyan

    Please help! your csrf token code is not working

  • Ravindra Desai

    Thank you. It worked and saved my lot of time

  • Anchit Jindal

    hi how can i remove cookies from request header set by

    $[‘X-CSRFToken’] = $cookies.csrftoken; In header it show as
    JSESSIONID=F215EF9C41E8D897F103751DE8EC833C; AWSELB=8BE3A51B068B8505EFF78592B3B122EBDC441C205CA70B58

    • jayesh verma

      How did you get the Set-Cookie: AWSELB value on iphone real device.?

  • mahesh

    Can you please provide example code

  • Maxime Duc

    How it’s works with ionic2 ?


  • HackintoshSA SA

    Hi all i’m trying to use a cookie based auth from Ionic to NodeJs …use the session id from ionic to get User from DB but i keep getting undefined on nodejs Side..